The Champions

Caroline’s basketball team won their league championship yesterday!

They were undefeated all season and beat each team by double digits, so the win was somewhat expected.  But still, you can’t get cocky….you still have to play to win.

And play, they did.

The team parents opted to forgo the usual end of the season trophies we have to order and purchase ourselves, in hopes that the girls would win or come in second and get a bigger trophy, provided by the league.  I’m glad we chose this option because not only do I hate paying $7-10 bucks for a trophy Caroline hardly cares about, but I think the fact that they EARNED this trophy meant a whole lot more.

We have a drawer full of trophies which haven’t seen the light of day since they were handed out at the end of the bazillion soccer/basketball seasons in which Caroline has participated.  We even have one trophy in the back of my car which has been collecting dust since November.  Clearly, they’re loved and appreciated.

Yep, it’s safe to say that this trophy, the one which marks their first place standing, is way more important.

Much to our pleasure, Caroline’s basketball skills really improved this season.  And better yet, she had fun.  It really doesn’t get much better than that and as a parent, you really can’t ask for more.  She had fun with her friends and learned some new skills, to boot.  I’m glad Caroline is eager to participate in team sports; sure her main reason for participation may be strictly social, but if she’s getting some exercise and learning to be a team player at the same time, I can’t complain.

My camera didn’t make too many appearances on the court this season, but I did bring it to document their championship game.  As I scrolled through my pictures, I realized that nearly every picture I’ve taken of Caroline during basketball season captures her either with her hands up or her mouth open. Or both.

It’s her signature, I suppose.

Mouth open:

Hands up:


She’s pretty bossy vocal out there on the court.  Same goes for the soccer field.  She says, as goalie, she’s supposed to be bossy; her coach even tells her to be bossy.  So naturally, she decided to bring her directive skills to the basketball court.

I can’t fault the girl.  I’m pretty bossy, myself.  She looks like her dad;  she has his long legs and facial features, but she got my inclination towards bossiness and wild gesticulation.

Congrats to the Blue Devils!

Now….on to soccer!


2 responses

    • Yep, the ball spins! It’s pretty cool. I may have to find a bigger drawer to house our trophies now. The girls were excited to win, but I think they were just as excited to go to McDonalds for their celebratory lunch (classy, no?) and then to the indoor pool to swim and jump off the high dive.

      It’s good to be 10.


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