Third Time Is The Charm?

This is my third attempt at a blog post today.  The first two attempts were just awful; disjointed and unfocused.   I’m sure this attempt won’t win any awards, but I’m determined to hit the publish button by the end of the day.   Can I blame it on the whole time change thing?  And while we’re talking about this ‘spring forward’ thing, it always amazes me when people act totally oblivious to the time change.  I mean, it’s not some big secret.  It’s on the calendar.  Newscasters remind you to change your clocks.  Heck, most clocks change by themselves these days.  So, if you woke up confused as to what time it was this morning, I have no sympathy for you.

So there.


I think I’ll move on to the ever exciting bulleted post.  Perhaps that will allow my disjointed mind to convey my disjointed thoughts without having to write disjointed sentences.

  • Disjointed is the word of the day.
  • I’m attempting to eat really well this week in preparation for Saturday’s half marathon.  I tend to perform better when I’m not bogged down by too many nights of injudicious eating. I’m pretty good about eating healthy meals, but by the end of the night, I turn into a stress eating monster.  I’m talking extra bowls of cereal, fingers in the Nutella jar, handfuls of chocolate chips.  This week I want to really focus on healthy food, which would explain why there is a lentil/rice casserole baking in my oven right now.  However, this does not explain the two cookies, liberally smeared with peanut butter, I ate and washed down with a 240z diet Pepsi.  I’m hopeless.
  • I washed my floors today.  I’m a fan of keeping the house clean, but floors are my nemesis.  I try not to look down too much so that I can pretend they’re not filthy.  Unfortunately, I looked down this morning and realized it had been FAR too long since the last time I washed them.  They were in such sorry shape that I actually got down on my hands and knees to really get them clean.  I used Murphy’s Oil Soap, whose smell will forever remind me of the time my dad helped restore a friend’s family home in San Fransisco.  Like all good dads, he put his kids to good use (free labor) and I remember having to wash wood cabinets with Murphy’s Oil Soap.  My sister found the ashes of a cremated dog in the closet of that home.  Good times.
  • Caroline went to a rock climbing birthday party yesterday.

She had a great time.  AND there was ice cream cake, which I was lucky enough to eat two slices of.  Now, what was I saying about wanting to eat well this week?

  • I’m just putting this out there for the single ladies, but if you’re looking for a date, go to your nearest indoor rock climbing facility.  It seems to be where the young and hip people hang out.  And by young and hip people, I mean shirtless dudes with lots of muscles.

Before I start on another disjointed (ding, ding, word of the day) tangent, I’m going to hit the publish button and call it a day.

This, I fear, is the best I’ll be able to muster today.  See, it is good to have low expectations.  🙂

10 responses

  1. You have inspired me to start eating healthy this week for the half marathon…of course I am going to start tomorrow because I ate half a pint of ice cream this afternoon and there is no reason not to keep eating today…yeah…tomorrow. 🙂

    • Ha! You may as well finish the day in an indulgent way so you won’t be tempted tomorrow. That’s what I tell myself, but it never seems to work. Here’s to tomorrow!

  2. I totally have the urge to go rock climbing now. Not for the men but just because it looks really fun.

    And you did better than me. I couldn’t even bring myself to work on my blog even once today. (I’m a big lazy bones!)*

    • It’s spring break; you’re allowed to be a lazy bones.

      I’m a big weenie, but I still think rock climbing would be a lot of fun. Some of the walls were HIGH.

  3. I think as long as I am holstered into something, I feel pretty secure and I think indoor rock climbing looks like tons of fun. I’ve done a zip line before and loved that, but then again, it was 15 years ago and I was young and fearless.

    This time change sucks.

    • Yep, I agree. Everyone was attached to another person (a knowledgeable person), so unless they were diabolical and cut you loose, it seems very safe.

      I’m with you on the time change thing.

  4. I tried rock climbing once, when Calvin was there for a “tweens” event (church kids group). I totally rocked the rock wall. I think it’s because of all those Body Pump clean and presses. You would do great, Alison. But I was shaking the whole time I climbed. It was scary!

    • I can totally believe you rocked that wall….especially with those bulging biceps/back muscles you have. Seriously Carol, you’re my hero. I want back muscles just like yours someday!


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