Having a Ball (Jar)

Let’s just call this the next installment in the ‘Can Alison’s Life Be Any More Dull?’ anthology.

It seems like every spring I get struck with the desire to shake things up around the house.  I suppose some people might do that whole spring cleaning thing as a means to shake things up, but I much prefer organizing my pantry to scrubbing baseboards and washing windows.  I still do those cleaning tasks, minus the outside windows because, eww….not fun, but not because I’ve been bit by some spring cleaning bug.  I do it because it has to be done.  Life is horribly sad and unfair funny that way.

Anyhow, when I walk into a store this time of year, when the merchandise in hues of  green, yellow and orange is displayed on every aisle shelf, my eye is instantly drawn to it like that proverbial kid in a candy store.  Granted, I do not press my nose against the glass and get it all smudgey like a kid might in said candy store, but it still requires a good bit of self control for me to not buy every linen, towel, cup, plate and throw pillow I see. I’m a merchandiser’s dream.  If I see something fresh, crisp and vibrant, I immediately want it.  I seriously have to conduct an inner conversation with myself right in the store aisle, reminding myself that as much as I want a new green throw pillow, I DO NOT NEED a new green throw pillow.  If the want/need thing doesn’t do the trick, I then remind myself that a new green throw pillow won’t make me happy for more than a fleeting moment and it will also contribute to the clutter I fight so hard to contain. With much effort, I generally back down, but sometimes a girl just needs a new green throw pillow, or an orange kitchen towel.    So, instead of spending copious amounts of money on things I don’t need and will likely only satisfy my desires for short time (aka a new green throw pillow), I decided to buy a dozen quart sized Ball canning jars to use as part of my pantry reorganization.

Because, yes, I’m so dull that quart sized Ball jars do the trick.  Please don’t think any less of me.

I used to store all of my dry goods in tall Rubbermaid plastic containers.  I like those containers very much and they served a wonderful purpose, however, I got the idea of glass jars and canisters stuck in my head one night and, well….have we met?  I’m Alison.  I’m neurotic.  I have a hard time forgetting about things once a seed has been planted.  I’m not sure who I should thank for planting the glass jar seed, but thanks, whomever you are.  Thanks so much.

Actually, as storage solutions go, this is a pretty frugal one.  Twelve wide mouth quart sized jars cost $10.44 at Walmart.  I’m sure I could look around at yard sales for used Ball jars, but again, have we met?  I’m not so good at being patient when a seed has been planted.  This would also explain why I’ve been known to get up in the middle of the night to shop online for Christmas gifts because I woke in a panic thinking there wasn’t enough time to shop.  I kid you not, this happened when we lived in Maryland and Craig was away at Warrant Officer Basic School.  I knew I’d never go back to sleep, so I fired up the computer and shopped.  At 3 am.  Then went back to bed when I was finished.   True story.

Just remembering that time made me feel all nostalgic. Caroline wasn’t quite three years old then.  I was younger and probably less crabby; Craig had hair.   Here’s a picture  (of Caroline, not my youthful non-crabbiness or Craig’s hair):

Okay, back to the jars.

I think they look great.  Uniformity makes me smile.

So do chocolate chips.


I’m still searching for glass canister solutions for my flour and sugar.  Again, I currently have plastic containers, but I REALLY want glass jars.  Considering my impulsive nature when it comes to purchasing goods of the household variety, I expect I’ll be reporting back to you rather soon, regarding newly acquired glass containers for my baking supplies.  I really don’t know what has gotten in to me lately.  Do you think a glass manufacturing company is sending me subliminal messages?  I mean, why else would I be so focused on glass jars?

Also, it kind of makes you wonder why I ran out and bought glass jars the moment the mood struck, yet I have a dining room wall, which has been bare for months, still in need of decoration.

Impulsivity only strikes when the mood is right.


6 responses

  1. Love the look of Ball jars! I have plans to do this someday myself, but I’m lazy. But I do think you’re brave buying glass before a move. I don’t trust TMO enough for that. Ha ha!

    • I know! I was thinking the very same thing. At one point I talked myself out of it, saying I’d buy some when we get to Hawaii, but, well, I’m a stubborn one. Now I’m tempted to get some pint jars to hold smaller things.

    • And there are these short, flat ones. Prolly half pint size. My friend gave me some salsa she made with her mom and sisters and it was in a short, flat Ball jar, which I now use to hold salt.

      I need halp.

  2. “Craig had hair.” Ha! That line made me crack up! I love your jars! I would really like some for myself, but my kitchen is uber tiny and my pantry is overflowing, so I’m not sure where I’d put them. I do happen to have a bunch in my laundry room right now, but that’s because I’m saving them to make more cakes in a jar.*

    • Yep, he had hair. Granted, he still didn’t have flowing locks, but he had more than he has now. Once he got that first buzz cut in boot camp in 1989, things were never the same. And despite what he may say, his hair loss has NOTHING to do with me. Ahem. We talk about his hair loss like it was a member of the family. Remember your hair? Yeah. It was great. Sigh.
      Likewise, I mourn the loss of my ability to fill out a bathing suit top. Ha!

      That’s right, you made those cake in a jar things. I’ll have to try that. I do like cake. And, jars! Obviously.


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