Let’s Go Fly A Kite

The Kite Festival was held today on the National Mall, as a part of the Cherry Blossom Festival.  Caroline and I didn’t go down to the Mall specifically to see the kites, but we had to pick up my race packet for tomorrow’s Cherry Blossom Ten Miler at the National Building Museum (which is not on the National Mall), so we took a detour and swung by to check out the kite action.  And of course, because I’m mother of the year, we did not bring our own kite.  I mean, really?  Who brings a kite to a kite festival?

Considering my inability to properly fly a kite, you could easily answer that *I* do not bring my own kite to a kite festival.

Instead, we watched others fly their kites,  while we stood idly by, all pitiful and empty handed.

We plopped ourselves on the grass near the Washington Monument and enjoyed the fruits of skilled kite handlers’ labor.

You could see all the way to the Lincoln Memorial from our perch.

I wish the Reflecting Pool had water in it; it lacks a certain amount of beauty and ambiance in its empty, construction zone state, don’t you think?

Nevertheless, we enjoyed the kites.

And when Caroline lost interest (because I’m a dud of a mom and she didn’t have a kite to fly), she did cartwheels while I practiced my stellar action photography.

In my defense, I was sitting down.  Next time I do cartwheel photography, I’ll stand up.

We didn’t stay too long at the Kite Festival, because, you know, we didn’t have a kite, but I’m glad we stopped to check things out.  And because Caroline is a sweet talker (or I’m a pushover?) would you care to guess where we went and what we purchased once we arrived back at our car?

Target.  Two kites.

It’s always good to have backup, in case your first kite ends up in a tree.  Trust me, I speak from experience.

So, I’m running a race tomorrow.  A 10 miler, which is my favorite distance.   My legs are tired from a week of exercise, plus running with Caroline this morning (for her 5k prep) and walking around DC this afternoon.  Eeep.

I  bought new socks at the expo that match my shoes; I hope they’re lucky socks.  Also, it should be noted that I am refraining from eating jelly beans today.  Don’t want to jinx myself.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


2 responses

    • I think the kite thing is a yearly deal. It goes along with all the Cherry Blossom Festival activities which usually start in March and go through the first couple of weeks in April. I feel bad because due to our warm winter and early spring, the cherry blossoms bloomed super early. It’s the 100th anniversary of Japan giving us the trees and all the trees bloomed before the festival even began. So sad. They really are a beautiful sight. If you’re ever in the DC area in Late March/Early April, I highly recommend a trip to see them.


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