Yep, It Was The Jelly Beans

Sorry jelly beans.  You’re cursed.

After my unfortunate jelly bean fueled half marathon crash and burn two weeks ago, I thankfully  had the wits about me to abstain from all jelly bean consumption this past Saturday, the day before the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler.  As a result of my jelly bean abstinence, I ran a really great race yesterday!  Call me superstitious if you want, but let the record show I will no longer eat jelly beans the day before a race.

Okay.  Enough about the jelly beans; let’s talk about the race.

It was great!

No wind.  No rain..  Not too chilly, not too hot.  Just perfect.  And best of all, the course was flat, which is a rarity around these parts.  There was one hill right before the finish, which is always kind of cruel (and also quite common in DC races) but for the most part, the course was great.

From a visual standpoint, it would have been better if the cherry blossoms hadn’t already bloomed, but nature is nature and you can’t really make a tree bloom at will.

Instead of looking like this:

The trees were just plain green.

Green is nice and all, but when you’re running the Cherry Blossom Race, one would like to see cherry blossoms along the race course.  That’s what you get when your winter is virtually non-existent and spring comes early.

Aside from the lack of blooming cherry blossoms, the race was wonderful.  I finished in 1:25:40 with an average pace of 8:34 minutes per mile.  I’m very pleased with my time especially since I ran negative splits (the second half faster than the first).  However, I’m sure that was only because I unintentionally ran the first two miles slowly thanks to heavy runner congestion on the roads.  After having a less than stellar race two weeks ago, running a good race provided such an awesome morale boost.

The remainder of the day wasn’t too exciting, I’m afraid.   After I grabbed my gear bag and my medal, I walked back to the Metro.

Thankfully I packed a fresh shirt and a jacket in my gear bag because I was FREEZING after the race.   Purple lips, goose bumps and all; it was a lovely sight, I’m sure.   After some hot coffee, a shower and some lunch I began to feel human again, which is good because I had a very eager kid (plus her friend) who desperately wanted to fly  kites on the school’s open field.  And of course, because there is no rest for the weary when you’re doing the single parenting thing, I took them.  Thankfully all I had to do was sit and read while Caroline and Rachel attempted to fly their kites.  They could get the kites up in the air, however, keeping them in flight was a whole different issue.  To avoid getting overly frustrated, they alternated their kite flying with playing catch and practicing their cartwheels.  Otherwise, I fear both of them would have, in a fit of frustration, ripped their kites to shreds.

Our kite adventures culminated with a trip to 7-11 for Slurpees and gum.  Oh, and a Super Big Gulp for me, which I used to wash down a hefty handful (or two) of jelly beans.

Hey, they may be nixed for pre-race consumption, but post-race indulgence is still highly encouraged.


4 responses

    • Believe me, I’m jealous of your post race eating and napping. I emailed Craig after the race and said how envious I am of those who can sit on the couch after a race and just eat and relax and watch tv. Someday I’ll get to do that again, but by then I’ll be old!

  1. Yeay for a good race! I like the medal. Even though the trees don’t have cherry blossoms, the medal does! You are definitely making me want to run a 10 mile race. I’ve never done it before, but you make it seem so appealing!*

    • I love the medal! We had to pay extra for it (!) but it was worth it. Also, the t shirts were U-G-L-Y (regular cotton and a yellowy/off-white color) and I should have sprung for the tech tee which was much, much better.

      I really like 10 mile races because they’re double digits and long enough that you don’t have to run super fast, but they’re not so long that you want to poke your eye balls out and/or vomit near the finish line. Definitely be on the lookout for one in your area.


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