The Jar Fairy

The Jar Fairy came to my house today!

What?  You’ve never heard of the Jar Fairy?  Oh, you’re missing out!  Lucky for me, the Jar Fairy enlisted the help of the UPS man, who delivered a rather large box of pint sized mason jars to our doorstep this afternoon.

In my case, the Jar Fairy resides in Afghanistan and wears camouflage and boots instead of sparkly skirts and wings.  Some husbands show their love through flowers or diamonds or sappy, gaggy words; mine uses Ball jars.  I think I’ve trained him well.

This delivery was quite unexpected, but appreciated, all the same.  Now amid the quart sized jars filled with grains, coffee and brown sugar, I have smaller jars to house my jelly beans and dried fruit.  My pantry is uniform and tidy, thus quelling my neat freak-neurotic-order loving tendencies.

Thanks, Jar Fairy!

Oh man, I just lost the rest of my blog post.  Twice.  Instead of throwing a fit, I’m going to call it quits tonight.  I had intended on sharing our Spring Break happenings, but I’ve already typed it twice and lost it.  Maybe I’ll try again in the morning.



6 responses

    • I was suprised when the UPS man came to our door, because he drops packages at my neighbor’s door almost daily. She buys wine online and it appears that she REALLY like wine, ahem. Anyhoo, I saw the box was addressed to Craig and I was like ‘what did he buy NOW; he must have shipped it to the wrong address.’ And lo and behold, it was for me.

  1. The jar fairy enabled the pioneers to survive by giving them a means by which they could can and preserve the vegetables and fruits they raised on their farms during a time when grocery stores were not such a convenient option. Perhaps many of us are hear today because once upon a time the jar fairy visited out great grand parents. If your husband brought you a box of Mason Jars he is nothing less than the real deal; a solid man who should be proud, and as a wife you should be elated to have someone who thinks outside of the grocery store box. Good for you and your spouse, and the jar fairy.

  2. Yeah for the jar fairy! Enjoy putting things into them 🙂 Have a great weekend and dont’ eat too many jelly beans! I had a great time Tuesday!!

    • The commissary already marked down their jelly beans to .47 a bag. I may or may not have bought a couple of bags yesterday. 😉 I had fun, too! We must do lunch soon. Enjoy your weekend!


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