Spring Breakin’

Did I mention it was spring break?  I can’t remember.  Anyhow, it’s spring break and I’m really quite thankful we’ve managed to have a pleasant and somewhat busy week.  Translation:  I haven’t yet counted the days until school starts back up on Tuesday.  That my friends, is a sign that things are going well.  I didn’t have high hopes for this week because several of our friends are out of town; evidently, it’s customary for families to go on a vacation during spring break, but, well, I guess we’re not customary.  We’re lame.  And I’m a homebody.  Also, we have a few trips coming up this summer and I feel the need to save a few pennies for air fare.  Air fare is expensive, yo.

On Tuesday, we went to DC with my friend and her three girls.  Unfortunately for us,  Mandy relied on my (sketchy at best) navigational skills to guide us there; we did get there, but not before getting turned around a few times.  We also had to stalk  the parking lot in search of a parking space, which were, to say the least, at a premium.

Our perseverance paid off and we made it; to celebrate our victory,  we ate lunch with our pal, Thomas Jefferson.

T. Jeff says sends his regards, but asks that you don’t leave Dorito Dust on the steps to his memorial.

After lunch, we walked around the Tidal Basin and stumbled upon one of the only blooming trees remaining.

Most of the trees are filled with green leaves; a few still look like this.

Confession:  I really wanted to include this picture because I love how the Jefferson Memorial is all blurry in the background.  I did that on total accident, but the effect is pretty rad.   Too bad that leaf in the bottom right corner has a hole in it.

After we walked for a bit, said no three hundred times when the girls wanted to go on the paddle boats,  and watched a man pull a gigantic carp out of the Potomac (which he then released), we visited the horse stables where Mandy’s husband works.  I didn’t bring my camera into the stables, but I wish I had because not only did we see pretty horses, including one who showed us his gigantic teeth in an attempt to woo the ladies, but we also saw brand new kittens.  Also, the girls got to climb a gigantic dirt pile, which, if you asked them, was probably the highlight of the whole day.  Sorry, Thomas Jefferson.  Dirt wins every time.

On Wednesday, we went ice skating, where it was confirmed, once and for all, that I will never be an ice princess.  I didn’t fall and I held my own, but it’s safe to assume that unless I can skate in a gigantic oval pattern, I’ll never make it in the Ice Capades.  Actually, I think I skated more than the four girls I brought with me.  They were far more interested in the vending machine offerings.

Coke, candy and Cheez-its   >  skating in circles.

Yesterday was a bit more low key.  I went grocery shopping and spent a small fortune.  Then I came home and prepped for my weekend baking extravaganza.


I’m putting together one last box of goodies for Craig’s co-workers; since it’s the last box they’ll get before coming home, I’m donning my overly ambitious hat and making eight or nine different things.  I’m sure half-way through the baking process I’ll stand in the middle of my messy kitchen in full-on panic attack mode and curse myself for wanting to make so many different things.  The mid-bake freak out has become a tradition of sorts, so if it doesn’t happen, I’d be disappointed.  Anyhoo, yesterday I measured all the ingredients and placed them in labeled baggies.  I chopped, sifted, measured and…..made a horrific mess.  The mess was worth it; when it comes to baking, all I have to do is empty the bags, add the appropriate wet ingredients,  stir and bake.  Then all I’ll have to clean up is the mixing bowls and pans.


Today we’re heading to King’s Dominion with Caroline’s friend and her family.  We went with them in August, and just like last time, I’ll hold backpacks and jackets and keep my feet firmly planted on the ground while they risk life and limb on those death traps roller coasters.

What can I say?  I’m a weenie.  An unashamed weenie.

Okay, time to get moving.   We have brains to rattle and insides to shake up.  But first, I must dry my hair.

Have a GOOD Friday!



2 responses

  1. I sent my last care package the other day. I felt kind of sad about it. I wanted to have a tearful goodbye with the post office guy (He’s been there for every package I’ve sent), but there were other people around. Plus, I don’t really know the guy.

    Sounds like a good, although busy, spring break. Skating sounds really fun! I’m going to have to con Stephen into hitting the rink with me when we are reunited. And I love the cherry blossom picture with TJ’s memorial in the background! Very nice! I wonder if you could use photoshop to fill in the hole in the leaf.*

  2. WOW, you have had a busy week! Ice skating, dirt piles, amusement parks! Whoa. I would be tired. Yesiree. And I know you will enjoy baking, so don’t act like you won’t have fun!


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