Diabetic Coma

My baking extravaganza is complete.  The box has been packed, sealed and shipped; my kitchen is back to normal; my blood sugar levels, however, are still soaring.  Obviously, I take my job as a quality control baking specialist quite seriously.  So seriously, in fact, that I probably moved myself one step closer to a Type II Diabetes diagnosis this weekend.

It was awesome.

But also, by the time I taste tested my last brownie edge, and nibbled (ugh, such a stupid word) my last crumb, the  only thing I wanted to do was lick the salt shaker.  And then, I kid you not,  I ate a handful of plain lettuce.  Ha!

Craig’s co-workers requested a few repeats:  mint brownies and snickerdoodle biscotti.  I’ve included those in the last three boxes.  I guess they like them?  I’m happy to make repeat recipes, but I do like to stretch my wings a bit, so I did try some new recipes this time, including:

Cake Batter Chex Mix


Lemon Chex Mix

Source: chex.com via Alison on Pinterest

I also made Butterfinger Brownies

and Samoa Blondies, which I think I may have over-baked a little.

They still taste great, however.

In order to be ‘healthy’ I also baked two different kinds of granola bars, using two different recipes.  But, let’s face it, they really were just glorified oatmeal cookies.  Delicious, addictive, chewy oatmeal cookies.

I made a version with dried apricots, white chocolate, almonds and dried cranberries using this recipe.  The other variety, using this recipe,  had dried cherries, semi sweet chocolate, peanut butter, almonds, and flax.

They are ridiculous.

I messed up the first pan because I wasn’t patient enough to let them cool before slicing (like the recipe explicitly states), so I ended up eating the outside corners and edges of that batch.  I restrained myself from eating too much of the second batch, which stayed together much better, because I let them cool properly.

Read the directions, kids.  They’re there for a reason.

And finally, I made a batch of Cookies and Cream Rice Krispie Treats.

I really should include a prescription of Avandia in the box, because Craig’s co-workers are about to experience a serious sugar rush.

Hopefully the box will arrive in time so that Craig and one of the girls who works for him will have some tasty treats to indulge in after the marathon they’re running on Saturday.  Bagram Air Base hosts a shadow Boston Marathon race each year; it’s not the same as running through the streets of Boston and up Heartbreak Hill, but it will have to do.  There aren’t any Wellesley girls to kiss, either.  Although, if they’re lucky, perhaps they’ll encounter a goat who will offer up a peck on the cheek.  Ha!  The course is boring and dusty and not at all comparable to the real Boston Marathon race, but the one redeeming factor is that they didn’t have to qualify to run it.  Amen to that.


8 responses

  1. Butterfinger brownies look pretty good to me, as does the Cake Batter Chex Mix, which I’m sure Charlie would like. I made another Chocolate pie this weekend, and I’ve discovered it is even better when the batter is mixed in a food processor instead of beating by hand. OMG, I wanted to bathe in the chocolate. I still have a couple slices left and they will be saved and eaten slowly. MMMMM.

  2. Your husband and his fellow soldiers are lucky ducks! Everything looks good! And now I’m craving rice krispie treats.

    The shadow run sounds cool. Stephen’s kept up with his running somewhat, but no distance running. Training for a full there has to be rough. I joke Craig has a good Boston/Bagram run!*

    • It’s hard to run over there. The dust, the dirt, the pot holes…. and the scenery is a snoozefest. His running buddy is running the Marine Corps Marathon in October so she’s using this as a trial race. I’m not sure what their goal is, but I’m sure they’ll do great. If Craig’s body would cooperate (and hold up for just a little longer), I think he could qualify for Boston on his own; until then, this Boston Shadow will have to do. I asked if they get official blue and yellow jackets but he doesn’t think so. Bummer, now he can’t be that jerk (you know the type) who wears his Boston jacket to a local 5k. 😉


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