Weekend Stuff

It’s soccer season again.

Caroline’s team, the Sandstorm, didn’t win their first game, but they did okay.  It could have been worse.   The good news is that Caroline’s friend, Alayna, finally scored her first goal, which made us all so happy; the bad news is that Alayna’s goal was the Sandstorm’s ONLY goal.  Caroline took several shots with that powerful foot of hers (have I ever told you she wears a lady’s size 9 shoe?) but came up empty.  We’ve concluded the net should be wider, for if it was wider, she would have scored at least three times.

We’ll work on accuracy next week.


The opposing team’s coach in the picture below

was a JERK.  Loud and obnoxious.  He yelled throughout the whole game.

Caroline was trapped by his players and he had the nerve to yell to the referee to do something about Caroline who was ‘pushing from behind.’  She probably maybe was pushing from behind, but it wasn’t egregious and not to be mean.  She also unintentionally (for real, unintentionally) knocked down several of his players, but that’s because they were in the way.  Again, unintentionally, Caroline also took out a few of her own teammates at practice on Thursday.  I told you she has a powerful foot; she kicks the ball really HARD.  In time, her teammates will learn to duck.

Such a brut!

I seriously thought about running across the field to tell that coach to shut his trap, but decided that wouldn’t be wise.  Don’t want to make the evening news, or anything.

In other news, Craig ran his Boston Marathon Shadow Run this morning (at 3 am Afghanistan time) and came in 11th with a time of 3:22:57!  Can you even imagine?!  Just thinking about running that fast makes me want to hurl.  I had no idea he was planning to run so fast; in fact, I thought he was going to pace his running buddy to her goal of a sub 4:20 time.  She ended up running around a 4:11, which makes me think there is something magical in the ground at Bagram Air Field. 

Maybe it’s the burn pit?  Ha!

Anyhow, Craig probably won’t be able to walk for two weeks, but it was definitely worth it.  That Boston Marathon medal is going to look sweet hanging from our medal rack.  Once I buy one, that is.  Currently all of our race medals are hanging from a tie/belt rack  inside our closet.

Yesterday I attempted to take a nap because the eight miles I ran that morning nearly killed me.  Instead, I rearranged my living room furniture.  Well, I shifted my couch around; everything else remained the same.

The couch used to face the table.  Also?  Please ignore the ugly fake tree.  Its time has come to face the dumpster, but I’m waiting until we move because having an empty corner would be just tragic.  I was happy with the previous set up, however, I was looking at an online real estate listing for a town house on my street (does that sound weird?)  which is set up identically to ours and they had their couch in this position with a chair in the same place mine currently sits.   I thought it was worth a shot and I’m glad I did it.  We now have a lot more space in that room.

Not that we ever sit in that room.  Because, you know, we don’t have a television in there.

In further unrelated news, my pantry looks like this:


I’m sort of ashamed.

So ashamed, in fact, that I proceeded to eat a rather large helping of salt water taffy from Trader Joes to alleviate my shame. 

This is my favorite flavor:  red licorice

It tastes like Red Vines.

Along with the red licorice salt water taffy, I’ve also eaten one of everything else today.  I’m totally disgusted with myself and hereby decree this week to be a week of judicious eating.  I have a race next Sunday and would like to enter it feeling good about myself and not totally bogged down by a bunch of cruddy food choices.  I’m 85% sure I won’t keep up with my plans for judicious eating all week, because I have horrible self control and just really, really love to eat, but I’d like to put forth some sort of effort.  And as a reward for my good eating, plus running well in Sunday’s GW Parkway Classic, I’m promising myself a DQ Blizzard (a big one)  on Sunday if I run faster than I did at the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler.

Anything for ice cream!

 Happy Saturday!


4 responses

  1. Caroline looks like she’s 14!
    And your pantry? Scary. It looks great, but very scary.
    Of course, if I had time and $$ I’d do the exact same thing, which is WHY it’s so scary! Yup, all neuroses can directly be traced to one’s mother.

    • You need to find yourself a jar fairy!

      Caroline is growing quite steadily. I have a hard time fixing her hair in the morning because she’s almost too tall; it’s easier if she sits.

    • We bounce between fall soccer, winter basketball and spring soccer. I’m exhausted and all I have to do is sit on the sidelines. Saturday morning we had to do our 5k prep at 7:30 am, which included 3 sets of 11 min run/ 1 min walk, and then a few hours later Caroline played soccer, 3 quarters on the field, 1 quarter as goalie. After the game she actually admitted to being tired. I can’t say I blame her.

      Craig is a maniac. That is all. Makes you wonder how fast he could run if he hadn’t had two knee surgeries.

      I hope you’re feeling back to normal (or close to it) after Sunday’s epic race!


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