Will Run for Dairy Queen

 I earned myself a DQ Blizzard this morning.

Despite a very ominous (and wet) weather forecast, which I obsessed over for the last few days, this morning’s George Washington Parkway Classic ended up being a pretty fantastic race.  The rain started last night, but mercifully slowed to a drizzle early this morning; the wind behaved itself, as well.  As many of the racers this morning remarked, it could have been a whole lot worse.    I’m not sure if it was the weather, or my low expectations, or the fact I was hoping to earn myself a much desired DQ Blizzard, but I ran my way to a personal best 10 miler race time of 1:23:53.   It should also be noted that I left my Garmin at home; I figured the constant reminder of my weather induced slow pace would only serve to frustrate me.  As it turns out, the weather did not affect my run at all and I enjoyed not being prisoner to the digital pace read out on my watch.

It was running for the sake of running.

Also, it was running to receive a perfectly chewy bagel at the end.  I like bagels in most any form, but when a race provides real bakery bagels, as opposed to the pre-packaged grocery store variety, I get a little over excited.  I even tweeted the event organizers to express my appreciation for their bagel choice. They replied, saying they’d pass on my thoughts to Capital Bagel Bakery in Alexandria, whose employees were up baking the bagels at 2am this morning.

After I finished the race, ate my delicous bagel and retrieved my checked gear bag, I walked back to the finish line to cheer on the other runners.  I was looking for my friend’s husband, who was running his first big race; as it turns out, he crossed the finish line while I was devouring my bagel and I missed him.  All the cheering and clapping in the drizzle made my fingers freeze, so I high tailed it to the nearest Starbucks (the one I always stop at when I run in Old Town) to purchase myself some liquid warmth.

It was the best decision I made all day.

Well, that and deciding to actually get out of bed when the alarm painfully sounded at 4:30 am.

So, like I said, I earned myself a Blizzard.  Except, it’s now 7:44 pm and I’ve yet to eat a Blizzard.  It’s too cold. 

My mom, who is really quite wise, reminded me that it’s never to cold for ice cream.  I tend to agree with that sentiment, as evidenced by the nearly constant carton  (or two) of ice cream in my freezer, however, it’s raining, it’s cold and I’m a walking zombie right now.  Tonight, I’m taking a rain check on my Blizzard.

I’ll get one next week.  And boy will it taste good.


9 responses

  1. Hooray on your race time! Have your Blizzard tomorrow in honor of Laura’s birthday. I celebrated birthday eve today with meatloaf sliders that had BBQ sauce, a dill pickle slice and lumpy (on purpose) mashed potatoes, all on sweet slider buns. So, so good!
    Food is good. (Why don’t those two words rhyme?)

  2. Yeay! Way to go, Lady! That is a really fast time, and a PR to boot!

    I was just trying to talk myself out of dessert, but after looking at that picture of Blizzards, I’m feeling weak. Must eat ice cream!*

  3. I really wanted ice cream the other day and then I realized that my hands were cold, my feet were cold and I was underneath two blankets. So I made popcorn instead.

    Back to the whole cake batter thing…I know, I’m weird about cake and frosting and desserts in general. I like cheesecake and mousses and creme brulee and more custardy type desserts, like those pots de creme I made you. That chocolate pie that I’ve been making the last couple of months is a great compromise between custard and pie. Have you tried that yet? Your meatless existence will be greatly enhanced by this pie.

    • Pie makes the world a better place. I haven’t made the pie because I’ll eat all of the pie and that would be bad. If I’m ever invited to shin dig in which a dessert is requested, I shall make your pie.

  4. We, worriers, do a great job of psyching ourselves out only to be pleasantly surprised by reality. Congratulations on your personal best. I think all you runners (my sister, Lori, my uncle) are phenomenal because as much as admire the drive, the stamina, and the great endorphines, I will NEVER run (unless of course someone is chasing me and that may not last long). However, I will eat a Blizzard in honor of your accomplishment. 🙂

    • ‘Expect the worst so you won’t be disappointed’ seems to be my motto. I’m so not a glass half full kind of girl. 😉

      Runners are weird.

      Blizzards are awesome.

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