Let me tell you what, I’m a piece of work.   Yesterday I started two separate blog posts; the first I got stuck on and just quit and the other started out fine but took a  turn towards the emo side.  We’re talking self loathing and sadness of epic proportion; it was really quite a sight to behold.  However, in an attempt to not tarnish my reputation any further, and to not make my mom worry any more about the status of my mental health, that post will forever remain unpublished. 

You’re welcome.

One minute I was light-heartedly discussing an unfortunate encounter with a two way mirror in the Target dressing room and the next I was going on and on about stretch marks and brokenness and self worth and saying awkward things at the most inopportune moment.   It was a train wreck; very raw and emotive, which is so unlike me, considering I kind of hate talking about feelings.  Seriously, if you want to make me clam up, roll my eyes and gag, say the words ‘heart-to-heart.’  Color me crazy (and mentally unhealthy), but I think feelings are best left bottled up.  I’d rather talk about gym gossip and politics.  That way no one gets hurt.

And somewhere, right now, a psychology text book is being written about me.

 In other (less emo) news, I bought birthday cake yogurt today.

source: yoplait.com

It’s kid yogurt, but I have a feeling I might be the one who eats is all. 

Also, I spent an hour on one of these torture machines today:

In case you were wondering, an hour on a step mill is a long time.  

And lastly, because evidently this has been turned into a ‘three things thursday’ kind of post, I’d like to take a moment to rant out the PTA.   Caroline’s school puts on a 5k race each spring; this year’s race is on Saturday.  The organizers know that lots of parental involvement/volunteering is required in order for the event to run smoothly and yet, they ask for volunteers ONE WEEK before the event is being held.  ONE WEEK.  So when people do not volunteer because they have other plans and such, the PTA volunteer coordinator sends out a panicked email begging for help two days before the event.

If I were the PTA volunteer coordinator or the race coordinator, I would have sent out a volunteer request email WEEKS AGO.  So, you know, people would have time to respond and rearrange their schedules if need be.  However, I am not the volunteer or race coordinator, so I’m subjected to last minute emails with the word URGENT tacked on to the subject title. 

That really drives me crazy.  You’d think after doing this event for the past three years, they’d figure some of these things out. 

In the end, people show up and the events run smoothly, however, I don’t feel an ounce of sympathy for them.  It’s kind of funny, you know, that I’m writing about how I think people should be more organized and ‘together’ when I just admitted to having a verbal freak out fest over an unfortunate encounter with a dressing room two-way mirror.

Don’t mind me, folks.  I’m just making this up as I go along.



4 responses

    • Well, I did volunteer to hand out race packets tomorrow after school, but Caroline and I are running in the 5k, so my capacity to volunteer on race day is limited. If they asked three weeks ago, I may have volunteered for something else, but as of now, I’m just being my usual stubborn self. Ha!

  1. Oh, Bod.
    Talk about saying the wrong thing at inopportune moments or however you worded it, I have been painfully aware at the utter stupidness of my mouth. I say such awful, awkward things to people and I’m horrified! As I’m speaking I’m telling myself, “Just shut up and maybe no one will get hurt any more than they already are.”
    And I will always worry about your mental health, but not more than Dad does.
    You need cake, the balm (and the source) of all life’s woes.

    • Mmm…cake.
      Man, I wish I could tell my mouth to behave itself. I better keep it full of cake because then there would be no room for my foot.

      PS–Caroline got your card. She said, ‘oh I need to write Grandma a thank you note right now.’ And then she forgot. Because, you know, she’s my kid. Anyhow, I told her to write you a thank you email because those are more likely to be sent.


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