Cursed Shower

After a very sweaty workout this morning, I hopped in the shower at my gym to get myself all prettified for the day.  I scrubbed my face and was about to lather, rinse, repeat when I heard a small voice from outside the curtain say ‘excuse me, we’re closing the locker room so some men can come in and spray.’  Spray what?  I wonder.  Anyhow, I responded with the oh-so-eloquent  ‘are you kidding me?!’ to which the nice girl behind the curtain sheepishly replied, ‘yes, I’m sorry.’

So I got out of the shower.  With wet but unshampooed hair.

I quickly got dressed, rubbed some hair product in my dripping wet locks, grabbed my things and left so that the men could ‘spray’ in the bathroom.

Spray what?  I wonder.

I’m having bad luck with the gym shower.  Just a few weeks ago I found myself hiding in the shower stall while two men were in the locker room staring at the ceiling talking about repairs and such.  Perhaps this spraying business had something to do with that conversation those men had IN THE WOMENS LOCKER ROOM?

Perhaps I should stick to showering at home?  

In other news, Caroline and I ran in our fourth Croc Trot 5k.  I woke up on Saturday morning feeling a bit blah; I wasn’t sick, but I wasn’t feeling my best, either.  Since I was running with Caroline, I knew the race wouldn’t really drain me, so I put on my running clothes and we walked to the start line.  You can’t beat a local school race!  We had a lot of fun running with some of our friends.  Thankfully Caroline wasn’t plagued with a bad cramp like she was during last year’s race.  No cramps = no tears.  We both happily ran and chatted our way through the 3.1 mile course.

I haven’t had the opportunity to really run a 5k race on my own (I’ve either been a buddy runner for Girls on the Run or run with Caroline during 5ks) and I’m itching for a 5k personal best.  After looking over the race results, this would have been the race to accomplish that task.  In fact, had I been able to really run the race, I could have been the first female to cross the finish line.  That goes to show you how small this race is! 

Oh well…my time will come.  But, considering the fact that I didn’t feel all that great, coupled with the fact that Caroline and I had a blast running with friends, our fourth Croc Trot was a success.

As an added bonus, they had GOOD bagels at the finish line.  And Pop Tarts. I even got a pumpernickel bagel, which is one of my favorites.

Immediately following the race, we geared up for soccer. 

And then I took a nap. 

Caroline went to her friend’s house and I laid on the couch….something I seldom do.  I really wasn’t feeling so hot on Saturday.  I’m beginning to think it was because I hadn’t taken a rest day from exercise in two weeks.  Evidently, fourteen days is my limit.  Anything after that and my body will begin to revolt.

So on Sunday I rested my tired body.

I rested while Caroline and her friend Rachel tried to make protective carriers for raw eggs to drop from the top of the stairs outside.  Their protective carriers did not work and I still have bits of egg stuck to my driveway.  They hosed off the shattered egg remains, but obviously, missed a spot or two.

I would have liked to take a nap yesterday, too, but between the egg dropping and the lemonade stand the girls created, there was a lot of commotion in the house.  That’s okay, as much a I might complain about messes and noise, I just love it when the neighborhood kids get together and PLAY. 

The older the neighborhood kids get, the more complicated things become, so when they kick the ball around and play man hunt and create a lemonade stand, I get so excited.  I’ll take anything (eggs on my driveway and sugar in the crevices of my hardwood floors…oh and a broken sugar canister)  if it means they’ll be kids, simple innocent kids, for just a little while longer.


2 responses

  1. Yeay for a fun 5k. I guess they scraped up enough volunteers in the nick of time.

    Boo for shower interruptus part two. I can’t believe they kicked you out of the shower! Lamesauce!*

    • My neighbor is the PTA VP and after the race I asked her if everything went smoothly and she said that there were a few glitches, but for the most part everything went well.

      As I left the locker room with sopping wet hair there were like five guys waiting to enter. I guess they were in a time crunch. Also, I think they probably should have put a sign up that said ‘locker room closing.’ You know, because then I wouldn’t have gotten in the shower. Thanks to the fact that I can read and all. Lamesauce, indeed.


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