Twilight Tattoo

Last night Caroline and I went with my friend Mandy and her girls to see Twilight Tattoo on Ft. Myer.  As you can see from the above picture, Twilight Tattoo is a ‘colorful military pageant.’  There was plenty of pomp and circumstance and lots of music and horses, but I assure you there wasn’t any pageant hair.  Too bad; that would have been fun.

No tiaras, either.

Instead we had a history lesson of sorts, learning about the Army, then and now.  All set to music, from then and now.  Obviously.

Sometimes I forget we’re an Army family, so it’s nice to be reminded every once in a while.  Seeing all the young soldiers made me feel a bit nostalgic for the good old days when Craig was a young(ish) soldier.  Now I just feel old.  And sad because the good old days are gone.  I can’t deny that life experience is a good thing.  I mean, it often prevents us from making stupid choices we might have made when we were young, but on the other hand,  having too much life experience means you’re old and weathered and completely void of any youthful optimism. Not that I ever was optimistic in my youth, but you get my drift.

Am I a ray of sunshine, or what?

Perhaps I’ll just stick with the pictures from this point forward.  Sound good to you? 

And, just because:

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  1. And just because you love those fur babies too!! I love your pictures and am so glad you and Caroline went with us!!! Go figure it is warmer today. Have a great day and we need to start planning our next adventure!

    • They were spinning those things like crazy….with the SHARP bayonets on the end. At one point the guys in the front row threw the guns behind them and a guy in the fourth row caught it. Another time, they threw the guns over the heads of their SFC. Crazy. But cool.


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