I’m Here!

I’m sure you were wondering where I’ve been.  All eight of you.

To put it bluntly, I’ve been drowning in apathy.  The other day I wrote the same thing in an email to Craig, except I accidentally used the word antipathy.  D’oh. Freudian slip?  I’m feeling quite apathetic about life in general right now, probably because a LOT of stuff is on the horizon and in order to not send myself into a tizzy of anxiety and type A planning, I withdraw.  This is sort of a new defense mechanism for me, but I kind of like it.

I mean, being apathetic isn’t the healthiest way to deal with stress, but at least I’m not running around like a whirling dervish, making plans and lists and losing my mind.

To be honest, making plane reservations for a trip Caroline and I are taking to Texas in a few weeks about did me in.  There are just too many choices in regards to airlines and hotels and I kind of just lost it half way through the process. I kept waiting for fares to drop, but they weren’t, so in a fit of desperation, I booked tickets and a hotel and haven’t looked back.  I’m afraid to check air fares now because I’m sure they’re much cheaper than when I made the original plans.

Also?  I somehow managed to book the only hotel in San Antonio Texas without a pool.  I thought all hotels had pools?  Even hotels in Duluth and Sheboygan have pools.  The hotel I chose is on the Riverwalk and provides free parking, free internet and free breakfast.  But they don’t have a pool?  I didn’t bother to check the amenities  for a pool listing because I thought all hotels have pools.  Especially hotels in Texas.

Caroline, to say the least, is not amused.  However, to appease her, I printed out free vouchers for us to visit Sea World. As a courtesy to all service members and their families,Anheuser Busch parks (Sea World, Busch Gardens, Sesame Place) give each service member and up to three of their dependents free entrance to one of their parks once a year.  We’ve never taken advantage of this wonderful deal before, but we will when we’re in Texas.  Because, you know, we won’t have a pool at our hotel.

It appears that my new found apathetic outlook on life has affected my desire to bake.  I know!  The PTA asked for volunteers for the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon this week and I did not volunteer any tasty treats.  I’m kind of surprised at myself, but I figure I’ve been baking for the PTA for four years; taking one event off isn’t too bad.  Instead, I brought Caroline’s teacher lunch today.  She took his order and I picked up Subway for him.  I was also sure to include two Subway chocolate chip cookies with his meal, because  I may not feel like baking, but a lunch for a junk food loving teacher would be sorely lacking without the addition of a cookie or two.

This week has been a real kick in the pants and it’s only Wednesday.  There was copious amounts of friend drama earlier this week and I think it bothers and affects me a zillion times more than it bothers and affects Caroline.  I was thinking today that God knew what he was doing when he gave me such an easy-going kid.  Between three deployments (two of them back to back) and my own neurotic tendencies, if I had a kid who misbehaved or was too dramatic or sassy or mean I probably wouldn’t have been able to handle everything so well.  Aside from my sudden onset of apathy, that is.  Caroline is mellow and easy-going and very forgiving.  If her neighborhood friends were as mellow and easy-going and forgiving, life would be immeasurably easier.  Alas, they are not.  It’s been a doozy, that’s for sure.

Hopefully things will smooth over and they’ll be able to enjoy each other this upcoming summer.  If not, I’ll cry.  And then enroll Caroline in every available summer camp.

This whole parenting thing would be so much easier if it weren’t for the children.


4 responses

    • I’d bring you whatever you wanted!

      Caroline took her teacher’s order and he listed three different places; I just picked the place that was most convenient: Subway! He’s a 30 year old guy who loves sports and junk food. Feeding him is the easiest gift. In fact, tomorrow we’re giving him a junk food basket. It’s kind of fun.

  1. You do exist! I was starting to wonder what you were up to!

    If you really got free parking, that is bank. Sam Antonio parking is ridic. We went there for a weekend last year and the parking was the most expensive part of the trip.*

    • Hooray, I’m alive!

      I couldn’t believe the cost for parking per day. I suppose that’s a fair trade off for not having a pool. We’ll swim with Shamu, instead. 🙂


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