I Am NOT Smarter Than a Fourth Grader

In preparation for the fourth grade’s big standardized test on social studies/Virginia history tomorrow, the teachers conducted a parents vs students trivia game this morning.  It was a fun way for students to put their knowledge into practice….and to also, and more importantly, embarrass their parents.

We lost.   Students: 1  Parents: 0

Two large lunchroom sized tables filled with adults couldn’t compete with the wits of 100 fourth graders, who have been living and breathing Virginia history this year.  Clearly, the youth have an advantage with their fresh minds and remarkable ability to remember and regurgitate the information they’re fed.  Which leads me to wonder:  how can they remember the important dates and happenings regarding the settlement of Jamestown, but cannot be bothered to remember to brush their teeth or make their beds?  I think the term is selective memory?  Regardless of their messy beds and questionable hygiene standards, these kids know their stuff.

And us parents?  Well, we’re too busy trying to keep our lives together to remember all those facts and dates. We’re  busy feeding those smart kids and paying the bills and remembering to change the oil in our cars.   Somehow remembering the  names of Virginia’s five (or is it four?) main rivers or the language each native American tribe speaks seems superfluous.  At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.  You know, so I don’t feel so badly about being schooled by a group of  ten year olds.

Despite losing, we had fun.  It truly is enjoyable to see your own child and her classmates actively interested in learning new things.  They won’t always be this eager and motivated; soon they’ll morph into grumpy teens who would rather die of embarrassment than participate in a rousing game of Are You Smarter Than a _____ Grader with their parents.  Right now, we’re heartily welcomed to any school event, but in a few short years we’ll be deemed terminally pathetic and  forced to wait across the street as to not do harm to their social standing.

Kids are precious.

Or, whatever.

Happy Thursday!


2 responses

  1. What a cute idea! I’m totally going to steal it and see if I can recruit parents to play at my school next year. Thankfully, our state test was way back in March, and there’s only 4 school days left – that’s about all I can handle!*

    • You’re almost there! School starts after labor day here, so we’re done on June 15th. We were supposed to go until June 19th, but because the weather was mild this year, we didn’t use the three factored in snow days. Actually, we did use one day back in September when it flooded, so they’re getting out two days early.


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