One Day I Shall Be Smited

I ran a local 15k race this morning.

I didn’t mention it on the blog because the reason I signed up for this race was a reason of pure insanity.  I figured if I didn’t do so well, or if God really did smite me,I could pretend it never happened.  Because if it doesn’t go ‘on the blog’ it didn’t really happen.  Right?   Kind of like that Las Vegas slogan.

Anyhow, after I ran that GW Parkway Classic 10 Miler in April, I figured I was done racing until September, when Craig and I are both signed up for a half marathon.  I toyed with the idea of running this Springfield 15k, mostly because it is right down the street from my house, and  I do like running that distance (9.3 miles).  When it became quite apparent that we were going to be bleeding money this summer with various trips and lodging expenses for Craig in Texas and camp for Caroline, etc, I decided to save the $40 and not run the race.

Because $40 makes a huge difference when you’re buying several plane tickets.

If only I could explain how my mind works.  If only I understood how my mind works.

Now where was I?  Oh yes, the race.  Here’s the thing:  I have an irrational, uncontrollable desire to run faster than one of my neighbors, solely based on the fact that she’s a fit, muscular Barbie doll, with impeccable self control regarding her diet.  Don’t get me wrong, I like her very much; she’s very nice and I feel no ill-will towards her.  However,  her body is practically perfect, even after birthing her children, and I just want to win one for the girls with Italian sausage thighs.  I had the opportunity back in March at the Rock n Roll USA half marathon, but I got that horrible cramp, which effectively ruined any chance of running faster than her.  Who knew I had such a competitive streak?

After I decided to save my pennies and not run the race, I saw that she was planning to run it; so without thinking (naturally), I went directly to the race website and signed up.  Just like that.  It was a spur-of-the-moment decision; one that I regretted immediately.

$40 to prove that me and my big thighs and my reckless carb eating habits could run faster than my lovely, unsuspecting neighbor. See, I told you my reasoning was insane.  And childish. And cringe-worthy. You should know that I’m not proud of this.  Immediately upon signing up, I told Craig my reasoning; he replied that he gets a kick out of beating all the pretty boys on the race course, so he totally understood.  Ha!

So, I ran the race this morning.  I could have slept in and enjoyed a soccer-free morning, but I didn’t.  Because I’m a petty, self-indulgent twit.  On the bright side, I ran a good race, finishing somewhere around 1:18.  I didn’t beat my personal best, which was back in December, but that race course was short by nearly a quarter of a mile, so I don’t really know what to think.  As usual, there were plenty of hills, and perhaps a few curse words muttered under my breath.  The race course took us through Lake Accotink park which provided some really nice shaded trails, however, we had some serious storms last night, which left parts of the trail covered with puddles and mud.  And worms!  I’m sad to say that many a worm lost its life this morning, thanks to the uncaring foot strikes of a wild pack of 15k participants.

All in all, it was a good race and I’m glad I did it.

But guess what?  My neighbor wasn’t even at the race!

I think God is laughing at me.  🙂


11 responses

  1. It is a gorgeous day for a race! Glad you had a good time. I sometimes wish I had more of a competitive streak when it comes to running. I’m only really competitive when it comes to baking…ha ha!

    • I have a serious internal competitive streak, wanting to beat a specific time I’ve set for myself, but oddly enough, I don’t really mind at all if people pass me on the race course….unless it was my neighbor, ha! I have a friend, who is the most docile, sweet Mormon you’ll ever meet, but she has a fierce competitive streak. She picks someone on the race course and WILL NOT let that person beat her. Near the end of the race I passed a girl on an overpass (near the springfield mall…not sure if you’re familiar with that area), but she got me in the end. At that point, I was too tired to care. 🙂

      • Hey, am I that docile, sweet Mormon? 🙂 I do have quite the competitive streak. Luckily I know how to reign it in in other areas of my life, I think…

  2. I love this story because it is so me! Haha! I made it my mission to run a 5k faster than one of my coworkers. Part of my motivation is that her hair is really good. It’s just not fair that she has perfect hair and is faster than me. I was able to beat her. That’s probably because she runs casually and I run like my life depends on it. And of course, she has no idea that I had this little competition going on between us; it’s all in my mind.

    And I have to add that I’m so jealous that you and Craig are signed up for a race together in September. So cute. I can’t wait until I can make plans with my husband again. Soon, soon.*

    • Yes, women with perfect hair deserve to be left in our dust. Even if the motivation is petty, it’s still motivation and it got you to hoof it to the finish. You know what they say, runners are weird.

      Sadly, Craig and I don’t have too many shared interests, but running is one of them, so it is fun to go to races together. Of course, he’s way faster than me, so he’s done, cooled off and ready for lunch when I finally make it across the finish line. Hopefully you and Stephen will get to run a race together SOON. Hang in there!

    • Somehow I can’t picture dad doing a mud race. I’m okay with mud, but it’s the whole running through fire and climbing under barbed wire that turns me off to such events. I am not hardcore.

  3. R&L, aka the VonKennedys, did the Marine 5K mud race in Pinnacle, NC, yesterday and there didn’t appear to be fire or barbed wire, at least not on the website.
    I, also, am not hardcore. My core is quite soft…

    • Yeah, I think the 5ks are pretty tame, but the Spartan race is pretty hardcore. That’s the one they’re doing in August here in Virginia. I’d like to that with all the exercise I do my core is not soft…..once I unpeel the layer of fat covering my abs, that is. Ha!

  4. Hahahahahaha! You are too funny. Especially because I know all the neighbors around here. Good for you for being competitive. You can rest assured that you’ll never have to compete against me in the world of running. Glad you had a good race.


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