Uh oh.

I just made plane reservations for Caroline and me. We’re going to California in July for my grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary.  We’re really excited about the trip, mostly because 60 years of marriage is something to celebrate, but also because most of my family hasn’t seen Caroline since she was a baby.

It took 39 minutes on the phone for the trip transaction to happen. If you know me at all, that is 39 minutes too many. I don’t like  HATE talking on the phone and prefer to conduct most business online. I find that I’m much happier overall when I do not have to talk to people.   Except for my friends and most of my family, of course.  😉 However, because I had airline credit to use, thanks to the trip to San Antonio that didn’t happen, I had to call and talk to an actual person to redeem my money.

Money > talking on the phone.

The actual person I spoke with, Victor, was really nice.  His ‘office’ was rather noisy, unfortunately. I could hear his fellow Expedia co workers conducting airline travel transactions with their own customers in the background.  I also heard a woman sneeze.

Victor needs a cubicle with at least three walls to help block out the sounds around him.

And some Lysol.

So, for 39 minutes Victor and I chatted and put together our itinerary. Because I wanted to expedite the process,  and spend as little time on the phone as possible, I did my own research and found the flight numbers and information before calling.  I get an A+ for being a helpful customer!  To further complicate the whole process, Caroline and I are taking a multi destination trip, which requires three separate plane flights, because we’re going to stop over in Arizona to visit Craig, who will be at his career advanced course at the time of our visit to California. I knew it would take forever if Victor did the searching for me, so I took matters in to my own hands.

As it stands, I’m already feeling pretty cursed in the travel department, since I haven’t had a whole lot of luck this year when venturing out of the safe confines of my home, so it took me a LONG time to finally call and book the flights. I researched every possible flight variation, went over every detail in my head, went back and forth and back again, put it off and put it off some more. With only three weeks left before our intended departure date, I bit the bullet, gave myself a pep talk and called.

Victor and I worked together and created a pretty fantastic itinerary.  We sealed the deal with the sharing of my credit card info and said our good byes.  Even though it took 39 minutes and all the background chatter nearly drove me bonkers, I was happy with the way things transpired.

And then, 60 seconds after I hung up with Victor, I realized I didn’t purchase travel insurance.  D’oh!  I can’t even remember if Victor asked about it?  Perhaps he did, but it could have been at the very same time I heard his co worker sneeze?   He must not have asked, because I would surely have remembered such a thing.  Especially since I was planning to purchase it.

I called back in a panic, hoping I could quickly add it, but it was too late. You can’t purchase travel insurance after you’ve booked your tickets.

And now I’m, (understandably) freaking out. Because what if something happens and we can’t go? What if, what if, what if? I swear, if anything does go wrong, I’m going to pull out all my hair, run around my neighborhood screaming obscenities and then lock myself in the house and NEVER LEAVE AGAIN.  Except to go to the gym, of course.  I’m not THAT crazy.

In a fit of despair, I downed a couple of handfuls of chocolate chips to equalize my mood.  Then I tried to give myself a pep talk, in which I assured myself that nothing could possibly go wrong, but it didn’t work. I just laughed and ridiculed myself for spouting such kooky talk.  As if being positive has ever worked in my favor.

That was a particularly low moment of my day, but don’t worry, it got worse.

After my chocolate chip binge/unsuccessful pep talk, I took out the garbage because tomorrow is garbage day.  And then  I wiped up the trail of yucky garbage  liquid which leaked from my garbage bag onto the floor….and carpet…..and rug in my front entry way.

Tomorrow will be better.  Tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow will be better.


5 responses

  1. Of course it couldn’t go 100% smoothly. That would be too easy! I also hate talking on the phone. (I’m just no good at it!) Sometimes it’s nice to talk to someone, but it’s also really annoying when I could just as easily click a few things on the computer. Hopefully (knocking very loudly on wood), the trip will go off without a hitch!*

    • I think we’ve just grown accustomed to clicking buttons and instantly getting what we want; having to talk to people, especially for 39 minutes (!) is simply out of my comfort zone. I’m okay talking to people I know and like, but having to fill 39 minutes of call time with awkward chit chat is the opposite of comfortable. I’m such an entitled princess! 😉


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