Just Like Old Times


No excuses for the lack of posting, because I don’t really have one. Actually, I’m pretty good at coming up with excuses, but I’ve used them all before, so I have no choice but to claim excuselessness today.    As it appears, I could also claim uselessness, but that is neither here nor there.  Anyway, between ten days of fun in California and Arizona, where I took plenty of pictures I should probably share with you, and the fact that we hit the ground running upon our return, I’ve been busy.  Well, busy in the I-don’t-have-a-job-but-keeping-kids-entertained-during-the-summer-is-painful-soul-sucking-and-costly- kind of way.

Today I find myself in a well known position:  with my laptop on my bedroom floor, hiding from the four children who are currently downstairs wreaking havoc on my living room.  I fed them lunch and cleaned up their mess.  I’m pretending they’re not scheming to host a lemonade stand and I’m actively choosing to forget that my couch cushions are askew and there are piles of fleece scraps scattered about my living room and dining room floors.

I’m hiding.  It’s what I do in the summer.  In between trips to the pool and trips to the movies and trips to the craft store to procure supplies for their craft du jour, I hide.

It’s familiar up here.  Laptop on the carpet, lying on my belly, trying to finish typing before my arms fall asleep.

Just like old times.

At least I have the Olympics to keep me occupied this year.

We’ve entered the final month of summer break.  July, as usual, flew by; August, I fear, will drag on endlessly, as it’s apt to do.  Next week Caroline will go to camp, which will provide a break from the monotony.  I love camp.  Yesterday we went to the movies and then to Panera for a post -movie snack of bagels and smoothies, followed by a trip to the fabric store for fleece to make those no-sew blankets.

Yes, fleece blankets in what appears to be the hottest summer ever.  Oh well, at least it kept Caroline and her friends occupied for an hour as they cut and tied their fleece.  Sure, it cost $25, but sometimes an hour of silent work is worth $25.

And so I’m hiding.

Hiding from having to make plans.  Hiding from having to drive the girls anywhere to purchase more stuff they don’t need and will inevitably be thrown away by clutter detesting mothers.  Hiding from the mess.  Hiding from the fact that my shin hurts and in three weeks I have to do that stupid mud run.  Hiding from the ever growing list of things we have to accomplish before our move to Hawaii this fall.

Yep, I’m hiding.

Just like old times.

Until 4pm, when we are going to the pool, that is.


8 responses

  1. Yeah she is back!!!! Can we come to the pool too, we don’t have one here and the girls are driving me bananas. You are going to rock the mud run and cannot wait to see the pictures and stories behind them! Stay sane and miss you!

    • Yay, I’m alive. My friend Laura belongs to a pool where her kids do swim team so they’ve been gracious enough to invite us to join them a few times. It’s huge and has two diving boards. Not having the pool right out your living room window now must be pretty hard for you and the girls. Hang in there! When does school start? Soon, I hope!

  2. I’ve been wondering about my Alison and where she had been hiding. I wasn’t sure when the move was and figured the computer might have been unplugged. Of course, I’ve been a little busy myself! LOL. Jackson takes up a lot of my time.

    • I’m here, although I’ve been having a lot of difficulty trying to blog lately. It’s all either lame, full of complaints or both. I don’t have a cute new baby to post pictures of! Just think, in ten years, you’ll be blogging about hating summer vacation, too! We can commiserate: you about a ten year old boy and his dirty, bug collecting antics; me about my college aged kid who never calls home, unless she needs money. No move yet; Craig doesn’t have to report until the end of October. He’s going a little earlier and we’ll join him after the first quarter of school is complete. That’s the plan for now, but I’m sure the Army will throw a couple thousand wrenches in that plan. Hug that baby for me!

  3. Hiding sounds pretty wise. I more hibernate, but if I had a child, I think it would qualify as hiding. I am just glad you are back. I have big plans for us to commiserate about moving!*

    • Yes, let the commiserating begin! I’m still waiting for someone to create an I Dream of Jeannie app so that we can press the button, nod our head and instantaneously arrive at our new duty station with all of our household goods intact.

  4. Yay! Neurotic is back!
    By the way, not to, like, make you envious, but it’s the first day of school here. Time for moms to eat ice cream for breakfast, try on their kids’ clothes and jump on their beds.


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