Also Like Old Times…..

Tents.  A summer ritual.

Massive, messy, intricately constructed tents.

Ridiculously expansive tents created with every piece of living room/dining room furniture and every sheet, towel and blanket we own.  And we can’t forget the duct tape, string and clothes pins to keep everything secure.  I took a picture, but I cannot locate my camera at this moment; it would require hurdling over and crawling under miles of tent to find it.

This is an old tent.  But you get the idea, right?

Just picture this one, but bigger.

My couch cushions are in the dining room, reaching almost to the edge of the kitchen.  I cannot get to my front door.  I tried to Army crawl to the front door to retrieve my purse, but I was blocked by an ottoman and a Lego airplane.  I’m 35.  I’m nimble and fit and reasonably intelligent, but I could not for the life of me figure out how to wiggle my way through the maze of chair legs and bed sheets to get my purse.  I should have pretended it was barbed wire, in preparation for my mud run, however, I  gave up and took the easier route which involved going downstairs into the basement, out the garage and back up the front steps.

As I sit here and type this, only one image comes to mind.  The image of my sweet little Caroline, who at the age of 3 and without any prompting from me, grabbed a towel to wipe up a spill and said out loud, ‘Mom likes things neat and tidy.’

Where did I go wrong?

I really hate summer.


5 responses

    • Hey Sarah! I’ve been thinking about you. You’ve been quiet on the internets, too. Craig doesn’t have to report until Oct 31. He’s going a bit earlier than that to hopefully secure a house for us and Caroline and I are staying until the first quarter of school is finished, which is right after Halloween. He’s in school until the end of August, so even if we moved right after he got home (and cleared Ft. Hood, where he’s actually stationed) we wouldn’t get to Hawaii until early September. Caroline is going to be the new kid and start school after it’s in session no matter what, so we figured it would be best to have her go the whole first quarter here. Hopefully the Army will cooperate and let us do things this way. They have knack for messing up plans.

      • The Marine Corps does the same thing…just luckily the only person inconvenienced in my life is me. Glad you get to enjoy the fall here at least and get a little cool weather (hopefully) before heading out out to perfect weather land! 🙂

    • I totally forgot about her saying that until today when I was at the gym of all places. The girls take their tent building so seriously. They make rooms and set up little beds made up of pillows and blankets. The thrill is in building it, but this time they did actually play in it. They like to use clothespins, but they break pretty easily, so this time they resorted to duct tape. It’s a good thing I bought all that duct tape a few months ago for their duct tape art project phase which lasted like three and half days. 😉


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