Haggard and Tired

I feel like I look haggard and tired.  Probably because I am haggard and tired.  No amount of daily moisturizer (anti aging!  anti sun damage! SPF 28!) and concealer seems to help my tired and haggard appearance.

Is this the beginning of the end?

I’ll be 36 in a couple of months.  This could very well be it.

I probably don’t sleep enough; actually I really don’t sleep enough.  Caroline has weaseled her way in to sleeping in my bed every night, which means by midnight, I’m in the guest room because she has crossed the imaginary line dividing the bed into two equal halves: mine and hers, and is breathing in my face.

I HATE being breathed on.  Hate it.

So, I sleep in the guest room, which really isn’t that bad.  However, the countless nights of fractured sleep have taken its toll on my under eye region.  I bought this eye brightener stuff.  It kind of works.  But the dark circles remain.  Less dark, thanks to the concealer, but still noticeable to my critical eye.

Such is life, I suppose.

In other news, my dining room wall is still blank

but, I’ve finally decided on a direction I’d like to take to make the wall un-bare.

Too bad we’re moving in two months.  New flash:  perhaps my tired, haggard appearance has something to do with our across-the-pacific  move?  Perhaps?  But that would mean that I have been putting forth great effort in preparation for said move.  In actuality, I’m still very much in the denial phase.  Maybe it’s the move?  Maybe it’s the sharing my bed with Caroline situation?  Maybe it’s because I get up early and go to the gym every day?  Maybe it’s just dumb bad luck?

Anyway, back to my wall.  The wall which has been bare for eight months and will remain bare because we’re moving in two months and it would be kind of dumb to put nine holes in the wall two months before we move out.   Alas, this is my current inspiration:


Source: craftsncoffee.wordpress.com via Alison on Pinterest

Minus the acrid, ecto slime wall color, of course.  And the odd square flower pot things.

It’s a pretty basic project:  blank canvases, scrapbook paper, Mod Podge.

I thought about going the black and white route, like the above picture, but I decided on more muted tones:  brown.  Exciting, stimulating brown.  I can’t find the link to the paper I stumbled upon yesterday, in Walmart, of all places.  I went to Walmart for motor oil (ugh!) and found the perfect pad of scrapbook paper for $5.  I bought the paper and fully intend to buy canvases soon.  And Mod Podge.

And then I’m going to make ‘art’ for my dining room.  Yes, art for a dining room, which in two short months, we’ll no longer have.  Clearly, this is a well thought out plan, as there’s no telling what our dining room will look like in Hawaii.  Heck, there’s no telling if we’ll even have a dining room in Hawaii.  But, if I take a minute to consider how long it has taken me to get this far in the Operation Bare Dining Room Wall project, it’s probably safe to assume that I won’t be buying blank canvases and Mod Podge any time soon.

I mean well.  I really do.




5 responses

  1. I actually had a very clever comment and then forgot what it was.
    And, I hate being breathed on too. I mean REALLY, really hate it. Rage Against the Breath!
    In other, unrelated stuff: Dad replaced the lightbulbs in the bathroom with “daylight” bulbs, and the lighting is awesome! It is so beautiful and peaceful and soothing. It’s like there’s a skylight or something or a big window and all the sunshine is, you know, shining.
    I am incredibly stupid today. I woke up at 3 a.m. and watched Combat until 4. It might’ve been the first episode because it was D-Day and they were storming the beach at Normandy. After hearing the stories from WW2 guys, I knew what was going on and they showed real newsreel footage.
    Sgt. Saunders saved the day, as he does in every episode.
    And I love the dining room art work. Have you pinned it?

    • Daylight bulbs? Huh. I didn’t know those even existed.

      I don’t envy your 3-4am activities. I am, however, glad Sgt. Saunders saved the day.

      Yes, I pinned that artwork. It’s been pinned for ever and I just kept avoiding it until I found the scrapbook paper. I should have taken a picture of it but then I’d have to plug my camera in to the computer and upload it and that just seemed like too much work.

      I hope you’re enjoying your new wheels.

  2. I love my new wheels! But it comes with 6 months free Sirus (?) radio, which is normally a good thing, but Dad is stuck in the 70s–and not in a good way. Is there a good way?
    It was a l-o-n-g trip to Tampa and back. The driver has a radio control thing on the steering wheel, so he was Radio Nazi the whole way!
    It could be worse. He could like Reggae.

    • Or jazz. I just cannot get into jazz. When we drove from Sierra Vista to Phoenix with Craig last month he had this weird cd playing called ‘mushroom jazz.’ You can only imagine what that sounded like. I didn’t know Craig liked jazz. Also, in the 17 (!) years that I’ve known him, I just found out last week that we went to a Clinton rally in 1992.

  3. Oooh. I like the inspiration! Pretty! I’m so impressed by people who decorate and accessorize their homes even though they are military and move regularly. Perhaps it makes the home feel more home-y. I think I’m too lazy to decorate. I’m already dreading helping (aka watching) my husband hang all the pictures we own once they arrive. If they ever arrive.*


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