Um, yeah.

I’ve been quiet again.

Probably because all week I’ve been processing the fact that today I’m doing this:




8+ miles of running + 20+ obstacles.

So, yeah.  I’m doing that.

My sister and her boyfriend drove up from North Carolina yesterday; they’re the ones who suckered me into this mud fest.  Ron claims once you do one, you’re hooked.  Even though I’m pretty apprehensive at the moment, mostly due to the ‘unknown’ factor of if all (aka:  I’m not just running in a straight line for many miles),  I’m slightly inclined to believe him.  It’s sort of like after you finish a big race and you’ve got that medal around your neck, experiencing a major runner’s high, so you immediately sign up for more races.  And then, three weeks before those races, you wonder what you’re were thinking, because somehow you forgot that during miles 4-6 of that last race you wanted to simultaneously cry, throw up and die.

My biggest fear coming in to this, besides jumping over fire  everything  jumping over fire  everything, was the weather.  It’s hot and humid in August.  We run at 3pm.  It’s hot at 3pm.    Thankfully, it’s overcast and slightly drizzly today.  The expected high temperature is 76 degrees.  We really couldn’t ask for better weather.

I hope with all my heart I’ll make it through the course with my body, sanity and dignity intact.  Originally, Craig and Caroline were going to come and be our spectators/photographers, but Craig is in Texas, so that’s not going to happen.  Caroline is staying with her friends and the two spectator passes I purchased for them are going to waste.  Since our paparazzi won’t be there, any pictures will come courtesy of my sister’s iPhone.

On second thought….perhaps it’s best if this event remains without photo documentation.

Here goes nothing!




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