Every summer, on the Wednesday before school starts, Caroline’s school posts class assignments as 12pm.  Today will be the fifth August in which we will walk our merry way down to the school and find out who Caroline’s teacher will be.  We walk with friends.  We catch up with the people we haven’t seen all summer.  It’s fun and celebratory (mostly for the parents, because this signals the end of summer) and something we look forward to all summer.

Today is that day.

It’s the Wednesday before school starts!

Tomorrow is Open House.  Tomorrow we meet the teacher.

To say we’re excited is an understatement.

In many ways, this summer has gone quickly.  Except for August, of course.  August is always long.  It’s hard to believe it’s class assignment day.  This year I’m excited but also a little sad.  I’m not sad because summer is over (oh heck no!) but I’m sad because this is the last Wednesday before school starts in which we’ll walk up to the school and see who Caroline’s teacher is.  This is our last year at Caroline’s current school.  Heck, this is our last two months at Caroline’s school. I love her school.  And she loves it,too.  While we’re excited to try something new in a beautiful new place, leaving a beloved school, beloved neighborhood and beloved friends behind isn’t going to the be slightest bit easy.

So, today I’m happy because school starts on Tuesday, but I’m sad because this is the last time we’ll do this.

I hate marking everything with  a ‘this is the last time we’ll do this’  stamp.  It kind of steals some of the joy when everything is a last.  Moving is hard.  Saying good bye to a place we’ve called home for four years is not going to be easy.  So, today we’ll walk to the school and see which class Caroline is assigned to.  (Side note: I hope her teacher doesn’t hold it against me that I consistently end sentences with prepositions).  We’ll catch up with the friends we haven’t seen since school let out.  The kids will run around and search excitedly to see which friends will be in the class.  And, if we’re being honest, they’ll also look to see if the one kid they hoped wouldn’t be in their class is, in fact, in their class.  Oh, the complexities of elementary school life!

In a word, today is bittersweet.


2 responses

  1. I saw the class lists here hanging in the post office. It definitely got me feeling nostalgic for school.

    I can’t believe Caroline is going to be a 5th grader! It sucks that y’all are moving during the school year. She seems like a trooper, so I’m sure she can handle it. Lame though, lame for sure.*

    • You’re right, moving is lame. Even to Hawaii….or Germany! Caroline is a trooper and really is up for anything; she’ll handle the move way better than me, that’s for sure. Have a great day, Amy!


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