Fifth Grader

It appears that I have a fifth grader.

How did that happen?

On one hand, it seems like just yesterday I was telling Caroline to stop eating the rocks outside our house on Stedman Street on Ft. Huachuca, but on the other hand, it feels like an eternity since she finished her last day of fourth grade all the way back on June 15th.  The days can drag on so slowly, so painfully, but at the same time, the years whiz by.

I still can’t get over the fact that Caroline is in fifth grade.

Do you need credentials to parent a fifth grader?

As it stands, I feel wholly unqualified to parent a fifth grader.   If you take a look at Caroline’s math binder, you’ll understand why.  Academics aside, I think I was a big pain to my mom when I was in fifth grade.  Thankfully, Caroline is very different from me, personality wise, so perhaps she won’t be a pain to me this year.  I keep hoping and praying she’ll remain the easy-going, level-headed girl she has always been.  Well, except for ages 18 months to 3 years.  Those were rough years….and years I’d never like to repeat.  She went from swiping a straw from the cup of a random stranger in Wendy’s and throwing fits because she couldn’t have the balloon in the locked store to a responsible, well-behaved fifth grader.

Obviously I’m rejoicing and celebrating the first day of school because it is truly the most wonderful day of the year.  But, like I mentioned before, it’s bittersweet.  We love this place.  We love this school.  Our time here is short and it’s not going to be easy to say good bye.

Okay, enough boo-hooing for one day.  It’s time to make the most of this quiet time and get my life in order.

My fun ends at 2:50 when the dismissal bell rings.


4 responses

  1. I was just about to say I don’t remember any pain and suffering you may have caused me when you were in 5th grade….and then I remembered. That was a hard time, wasn’t it?
    Caroline seems to have missed the neurotic gene!
    Hope your day was swell.

    • She’s definitely not neurotic; she has her moments, but she’s a kid and kids are, well, you know…..

      We both had fine days. They start and finish school 30 minutes earlier than last year and I don’t much like the 2:50 dismissal time, but there isn’t much I can do about that.

      Her teacher is a former navy pilot, so the whole classroom is set up like a ‘squadron. She’s a really cool lady and Caroline is so happy to have her as a teacher.


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