Weekend Update

With bullet points!  Because that means I can get away with choppy sentences and half thoughts.  Three cheers for mediocrity!

  • Caroline is really loving her teacher.  I’m really loving the fact that school is back in session.  It really is a glorious thing.
  • Very shortly we’ll have a packing date, plane tickets and actual plans for our upcoming move.  We still have to figure out the car shipment thing. Oh, and I also still have to figure out how to move Hawaii to Virginia so we can avoid the packing and the flying and the car shipping thing.
  • Craig is still in Texas trying to out-process Fort Hood.  It has been a long, stressful, drawn out process; a process riddled with complications,  mess ups and a very large credit card bill.  You know how they say adversity and complications build character?  Well, it’s safe to say that Craig and I have character in spades; especially Craig.
  • Regardless of his clearing status, Craig is coming home on Thursday, which happens to be our 16th anniversary.  16 years is a long time to be married; I credit our “success” (and by success I mean we haven’t killed each other yet)  to multiple deployments.  It’s easy to get along when you’re separated by a rather large ocean.
  • Craig and I are running a half marathon next Sunday.  I did my final training run this morning and now I feel like I’ve been hit by a semi truck.  Kind of makes you wonder why people sign up for these things, huh?  That’s what I was thinking as I dragged my legs up a very large hill this morning.  I should find a different hobby.
  • Speaking of hobbies, I’ve been keeping busy with crafts.  I finished my canvas/scrapbook paper/mod podge dining room art; I even took pictures.  I think?  Perhaps I’ll share them one day.
  • I am currently addicted to tomato sandwiches:  toasted bread, mayo, sliced tomatoes, salt and pepper.  A thing of beauty.
  • I eat a tomato sandwich and a smoothie for lunch; salad for dinner;  boat loads of ice cream for dessert.
  • I need to stop buying ice cream.
  • Seriously.
  • My windows are open.  Football is on TV.  Caroline has school tomorrow.
  • I really love September.

3 responses

  1. Clearing sounds like as much fun as in-processing. Blarg. Happy (early) anniversary! 16 is a long time to be married to the same person. I hope y’all can find some time to celebrate before the moving madness sets in.*

  2. Thanks, Amy. Sixteen years IS a long time. I was so young when we got married that I can hardly remember who I was back then. That’s probably a good thing…especially since I carried an extra 30 pounds on me. 🙂
    You’re right, in processing and out processing is always a pain, but his is the first time that Craig has encountered such difficulty in his 20+ years of Army service. It’s kind of ridiculous. It’s safe to say that Fort Hood is place he’d rather not return to. EVER.

  3. I always feel happy when I hear about military couples who’ve made it work for more than a decade. Yay! Also, I had to comment only for the reason that I also love tomato sandwiches. I like the bread warm, though, not toasted, so the mayo just turns the bread to mush. When I was in high school, I’d leave them in my car to soften up til lunchtime, until my mom freaked out at me that I was going to get food poisoning, so I stopped. That was probably as wild as I got in high school, actually.

    Good luck with moves, deployments, and all that ‘fun stuff.’ p.s. Have you read Siobhan Fallon’s “You Know When the Men Are Gone?” It’s set at Fort Hood.


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