Man, I really stink at this blogging thing. I mean, with my exciting life, you’d think I had more than enough blog fodder to fuel daily, if not twice daily, posts.

Um, yeah. Sure.

The truth is, my brain is still a barren wasteland of useless knowledge and disjointed, incoherent, incomplete sentences. All of which do not an interesting blog post make.

Ugh, did that sentence make ANY sense? Welcome to my brain.

Let’s see…..what interesting tidbits should I share this week? We have a packing date. October 15th. On the 16th our household goods will be on a truck, on its way to a boat, which will hopefully safely ship our belongings to the great state of Hawaii. Thus beginning a six week (or so) stint of suitcase living.

Color me ecstatic.

Craig is leaving for Hawaii the  week following our packing extravaganza; Caroline and I are staying in Virginia until the first week in November so she can finish the first quarter of school, go trick or treating with her friends and complete her soccer season. Priorities, yo.

And then we’ll go to Hawaii. Where hopefully we’ll have a house, or at least an idea of where our house will be located so we can then enroll our truant child in school. Can I be honest here? You know I’m all about the honesty, right? I’m a little bit nervous about this whole thing. And anxious. Every morning I wake in a panic thinking about our impending move and the multitude of unknowns we’re about to face. I drive to the gym in said panic and then thanks to those wonderful endorphins, I leave the gym less anxious and less nervous, which lasts until mid afternoon, when the fear and panic sets in again.

I’m *okay* with the moving part. And when I say okay, I mean, I’ve gone through the seven stages of grief and have accepted that, once we get settled, Hawaii will be an awesome place to call home once again.  Hawaii isn’t the problem; saying good bye to Virginia is.  So is not having concrete living and school arrangements in place.  This is not new. This is part of the deal. It’s been part of our deal for the past sixteen years. I get that.  But it doesn’t make it easy.

I would like to know where we’re going to live.

But I don’t.

And that freaks me out.

In other less panic-filled news, Craig and I ran a half marathon last Sunday.  It was a good race.  We ran together.  We didn’t bicker.  The weather was great.  The course was nice.  Oh, and I got a PR.   My previous half PR was 1:54:13; on Sunday I ran a 1:51:07.     I have one more half marathon in two weeks and I’d very much like to break the 1:50 mark, but that will depend entirely on the weather and how I feel that day.  When we were close to the finish line of last week’s race I said to Craig, ‘Good, now that I have a new personal best, I can just enjoy (read:  no time pressure) the Wilson Bridge Half.”  But, I said that when I was tired and hungry; now that I’ve had time to think and rest my tired feet and ponder my chances of shaving 68 seconds off of Sunday’s time, I’m not sure I just want to ‘enjoy’ the race.  We’ll see.  I prefer the ‘no pressure’ approach to racing, so who knows what will transpire on race day.

Tomorrow is the first day of fall, which makes me really happy.  I’m thankful we can witness the leaves changing one more time before we move to the land of year round shorts and Christmas ornaments hanging from palm trees.

Okay, time to unload the dishwasher.  Yep, it’s a fun filled friday night in the Smith house.


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  1. I am sad that you are moving but know you will handle it in style, cause you are like that. Don’t you want to take a quick trip to NC to meet Jackson before you go? You know you want to.


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