No More Denial

Well, hello there.  This is becoming quite a bad habit, this not posting for weeks and then popping in to say hello and apologize for not posting in weeks.  What can I say?  I’m a creature of habit.  I’m also a creature who has been incredibly busy getting our house ready for packing day.  Cleaning and organizing and decluttering.  And worrying.  And walking around with a pouty, sad face.  I go from being sad to being anxiety ridden to being ready to get all this damn junk out of my house and then back to being sad and anxiety ridden.

It’s been a lovely few weeks.

Much to my dismay, packing day as arrived.  This move, which has been theoretical for so long, is actually happening.  Like right now.  While SJ, Mary and Cory pack up our belongings, I’m sitting on our couch blogging from my archaic lap top with both a sticky ‘s’ and space bar key.  Aside from my daily early morning ‘sit in the dark and stare mindlessly at the computer time,’ this is the first time in quite a while that I’ve been able to sit and sort of rest. Perhaps my mind will stop racing?   At this point, there isn’t much I can do.  I’ve decided what is staying and what is going; I’ve hidden our clothes in a make-shift closet (aka a large Rubbermaid tub); I’ve done what I need to do.

And now I sit.

Confession: I’m not very good at sitting.  Sitting after a long run is nice.  Sitting after a busy day is okay, too.  But sitting at 10 am because I have to?  Not my favorite.

Craig leaves for Hawaii next week.

Caroline and I won’t follow until mid-November.

The housing waiting list is longer than we had hoped; since we just can’t disenroll Caroline from school and let her live a life of truancy and beach bummery until our housing situation is settled, we’re going to hang out here a little while longer.

In a  nearly empty house.  Sleeping on air mattresses and sharing one TV.   Oh, the horror!

It’ll be okay.  So long as we have a  TV, internet (+lap tops) and a microwave, we’ll be just fine.

Pioneer women, we ain’t.

So, that’s the scoop.  It’s not particularly interesting, but well….neither is most of the other junk I share.  Keep your fingers crossed that our stuff makes its way safely across the Pacific Ocean.  I’m not sure what I’d do if I lost all of my Ball jars and my Kitchen Aid mixer.

We don’t want the pouty, sad face to return, right?

5 responses

    • It did go smoothly! We had fabulous movers. They just left and now our house is barren. We had three couches (!) but I know our house in Hawaii won’t be nearly as large as our current town home, so we chose not to ship our couch/love seat combo…which will find a new home with our neighbors… so at least we have couches to sit on for the time being. And we have our old TV. And the internet. Priorities, yo.

  1. Boo for packing/moving day and boo for living in an empty house for a month. On the flip side, Yay for Hawaii! I hope that this month isn’t too long for you and I also hope that you feel settled and at home in Hawaii very quickly!

    • Thanks, Jen! The limbo part is the worst, especially since I’m such a homebody. I like the comforts of home and when your ‘comforts’ are wrapped in 8 million pounds of paper, stuffed into boxes and nailed into wooden crates, it kind messes with you. On the bright side….cleaning an empty house is pretty easy.

      You and your mom need to start saving your pennies so you can come visit us.


  2. I know exactly what you mean, I would be very uncomfortable too. I am a total homebody, I couldn’t imagine being in your shoes right now. We are planning to save save save so we can visit you very soon! Really looking forward to it!


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