I’m not technically a minimalist.  I own a lot of junk.

And clothes.

And Mason jars.

Even though I own a lot of stuff, I’m not a pack rat by any means.  I mean, I like to have lots of things, but I like for them to all be neatly organized, arranged and/or hidden from view.  I also declutter like it’s my job.  So you can imagine that living this minimalist lifestyle while our household goods make the long trek to Hawaii is a wee bit difficult for someone who places great value in having multiple wardrobe choices and more than one measuring spoon.

I’ve been doing a lot of laundry lately.

Dishes, too.

Also?  I miss my bed.   But that’s neither here nor there.

I thought that having an empty house would mean it would be easier to keep it clean, but I’ve since realized that my house is messier now more than ever.  It probably has something to do with not having places to put things.  My kitchen stuff is neatly stored in cupboards and drawers, but our clothes and papers are strewn about.  I think that might have more to do with a new found lazy streak than with my lack of storage solutions.

I’m having trouble staying motivated to keep it all together.

I think I’ve mentally checked out.  I find myself wanting to hang on to every last minute here, but wanting to get the show on the road, at the same time.  Being in minimalist limbo isn’t exactly my cup ‘o tea.

In other news, Craig is diligently trying to find a place for us to rent in Hawaii.  It’s starting to get confusing with all the options and all these places are now running together.  It’s his job to get a feel for the neighborhood and hopefully find a house with a street name I can easily pronounce.  The Hawaiian language is vowel heavy.  I’m very fearful that I’ll live on a street I cannot easily pronounce without getting laughed at by the local folks.

In more other news, my sister is visiting this weekend.  So far we’ve gone to a school Octoberfest fundraiser event  and ate spaghetti at the Moose Lodge, went to a soccer game and to our neighborhood’s movie night.  For a twenty nine year old who is scared of kids, that was more than enough kid activity to last her the rest of her life.  She’s a real trooper.  We did also go to Old Town to walk around, shop and eat.  Laura is much more of a walk around, shop and eat kind of girl, which I can appreciate.  Thankfully, Caroline is good at those things too.  Mostly the eating part.

We ate dinner at a place called Bread and Chocolate last night.  That kid of mine nearly died from enjoyment over her french onion soup and grilled cheese.  She’s definitely mine.

Today is Laura’s last day here so we’re going to drive into Maryland to visit the mall Craig and I used to take little Caroline to way back in the day. She’s flying out of Baltimore and the mall is on our way.  It’s only fitting that we spend her last few hours here shopping and eating.

We’re expecting some nasty weather thanks to Hurricane Sandy (aka the Frankenstorm); I’m not particularly happy about the idea of dealing with wild wind and potential power outages, but I’m a whiny brat like that.  I bought some bottled water and we have enough bread and peanut butter to last for days.  I’m hoping we’ll remain safe and fully powered.  Likewise, I hope Craig will remain safe and above water since a tsunami warning has been issued for Hawaii.

Tsunamis, earthquakes and hurricanes!?!

I hope it’s not the end of the world.  I was hoping to  run a four hour marathon and learn to attractively apply eye shadow before the world ends.

See, it’s good to have goals.


2 responses

  1. Being in limbo is the worst part of moving! You are just basically sitting on your hands trying not to be frustrated about all the dumb shizz that you can’t control. It seems that it’s a good thing that Craig is already in Hawaii scoping things out. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that he finds a place with an acceptable street name. (My street name is the same name as my town/neighborhood, which is really confusing to explain. Hopefully this will be rectified with our next PCS.)*

    • That same street/town name is confusing. Right near us we have have two streets with the same name, but one is a street and one is a court. Why? People would be less confused if things were less confusing. Right? Ha.
      We’re getting there on the house thing, except I just went through an array of emotions; I was happy with where we chose to focus our search but then looked at houses in a completely different section of the island which are BEAUTIFUL but the schools aren’t great. I talked myself out of it via several emails to Craig. Poor guy. I’m a bit much sometimes.


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