We’re here.

For a girl who HATES, no seriously, HATES, flying, our 9 hour and 14 minute flight was quite enjoyable.  Well, except for the part where I had to sit still for 9 hours and 14 minutes.  Oh, and the massive cankles I had from sitting for 9 hours and 14 minutes.  But other than that, it was great.  No major freak outs, no white-knuckle gripping of the arm rests, no crying ‘help me, Jesus’ as we made the looooong trek over deep dark water.

Nevertheless, it’s good to be on the ground.

My travel companion was well behaved, which doesn’t surprise me.  She’s an excellent traveler.    We watched movies and ate cheese (smoked gouda tastes like bacon cheese) and crackers and biscoff cookies and drank lots of complimentary soda.  And, that’s about it.  The guy next to me slept nearly the entire time, which I find quite admirable.  I tried to nap, but was quickly snapped back to the alertness when Caroline needed a snack.

So, we’re here.

Hawaii is as pretty as I remember it.

That’s the good stuff.  We’re here, we’re safe, our skin is more supple than it was back in cold Virginia.

Our Thanksgiving was pretty unremarkable, which concluded with a rather unremarkable $100 dinner.  We toured our new house, but first toured the brand new Safeway in our area with the brand new Starbucks inside.

Our house is in a pretty, tree lined subdivision.  It has a red door.

It is small.

Very small.


We will have to get rid of some a lot of things.

I kind of like the idea of decluttering and streamlining.  I just wish I had known this back in Virginia, so I could have decluttered and streamlined on that end.  Perhaps then I wouldn’t have been awake since 2:15 this morning, pondering furniture placement.  I shouldn’t be surprised; it always works this way.  Ask any military wife and they’ll agree with me.  You declutter before the move and then unpack at your new house, completely befuddled as to why you thought it wise to ship half the junk you shipped.

Our house is small, but that’s okay.  The only thing I’m really baffled by is that there is not a wide drawer in the kitchen suitable for holding a silverware tray.  We have short, deep drawers.  No wide, shallow drawers.  Who designed this kitchen?

Obviously someone who does not deem utensil storage a priority.

I am totally and completely torn up about this.

Do any of you have a suggestion for utensil storage other than Craig’s oh-so-helpful suggestion of using plastic silverware?

Time to get ready for the day.  We’re off to do all the inprocessing junk required with each duty station change.  Instead of elbowing people to reach for the doorbuster deals at Target, we’ll be filling out paperwork.  But first…..more coffee!

Did I mention I’ve been up since 2:15 am?


5 responses

    • Safeway had a big display of Spam! I found a silverware basket online, the kind you stand the silverware upright in. Oooh, bad grammar. Anyway, I think that’s the way we will have to do. I don’t like too much stuff on the counters, but this is sort of a necessity.

  1. Glad y’all made it in one piece and that the flight didn’t drive you crazy. 9 hours is manageable, but if you don’t sleep, it can feel really long. But you did it! And it sounds like you also had a decent Thanksgiving, so that’s good. Hopefully it won’t be too long before you can move into your house.

    Totally unrelated, but I’m kind of bummed about the huge time different between us. I could always count on you to be the first commenter on my blog each day! Now I’m guessing you’ll be sound asleep instead of waking up and getting ready to hit the gym when my posts go live. Boo!*

    • I know! This whole time change thing is messing with me. It’s so strange to be just getting up when my east coast friends (and points further east) are eating lunch or, in your case, contemplating dinner.

  2. I saw something on Pinterest about using deep drawers to store silverware vertically. Maybe search for that on pinterest.

    Also, I’m glad you arrived safely and managed that long flight! Good job. The east coast misses you already.


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