A Neurotic Housewife First

You all are NOT going to believe this: I did not wash my hair yesterday.

Yes, this is very big news; so big, in fact, that it’s worthy of its own blog post.  Especially since the last time I did not wash my hair was when I overslept and was late to my 5 am  shift at McDonald’s back in my college days.  Like, in 1996.

I’m one of those crazies who must wash her hair every day.   When I’m sick, I wash my hair.  When I’m staying home all day and won’t see any humans other than my family, I wash my hair.  I washed my hair the day I gave birth; I washed my hair the day after I gave birth, just before we came home from the hospital, and every day since, without exception.

Granted, I may not always style my hair every day, but you can bet that it’s clean.

The main reason why I wash my hair every day has to do with the fact that I sweat like a dude at the gym.  Since I have to wash my body; I may as well wash my hair, too.   Some may call it vain; I call it my gift to humanity. I envy women who don’t sweat like pigs, but  who also have low maintenance hair.  My big stupid forehead and all of its embedded wrinkles requires that I have bangs.  Bangs are not low maintenance; neither are layers.  If I could put all of my hair into a pony tail after a workout, I might wash my hair less.


But probably not.  Because I’m a neurotic freak.

Since I’ve washed my hair every day since some time in 1996, you’d have to think that the reason why I did not wash my hair yesterday was due to some sort of tragic occurrence.  I assure you, nothing tragic happened yesterday.  In fact the reason why I did not wash my hair yesterday is because I was lazy. I signed up to volunteer at this year’s Army Ten Miler race and I had to get up before the crack of dawn to get there for my shift; I had to leave the house at 5 am and I did not want go through the whole getting ready thing at 4 am.  In my opinion, having time to drink coffee was way more important than the state of my hair.  Don’t worry, I still showered.  And then slapped on some make up (because going mascara-less is NEVER an option) and put on a baseball cap.

I kind of liked it.

Except for the horrible hat hair I had for the rest of the day.

So, like I mentioned, I volunteered at the Army Ten Miler yesterday.  I would have preferred to run the race, but sign ups are in May and in May I wasn’t 100% sure where we would be living at this time.  Obviously, we’re still in Virginia, and I could have run the race, but the race sold out in minutes, so I volunteered instead.

My official volunteer position was ‘finish line corral’ but when I arrived to my post with another woman and man, we couldn’t find any direction as to what we were supposed to do.  We walked around and asked a ton of people, but they didn’t know either.  So, we took it upon ourselves and found a job handing out water to the runners just after they crossed the finish line.

It was neat seeing ALL of the runners cross the line, from the winner who finished around 47 minutes to the two women in tu tus and pom poms who crossed near the three hour mark.  The fast guys were business as usual, but as the time clock ticked along, I noticed how happy and grateful some of the slower runners were to just finish the race.  For many, it was their first big race. One woman crossed the line with tears in her eyes; as I handed her a water bottle I just had to pat her on the back because she said it was her first time doing a ten mile race and she was so happy and proud of herself.  Moments like that brought tears to my own eyes and warmed the recesses of my cold black heart, which, if you asked Craig, is hard to do.  Ha!

I adore the running community.

I do not, however, adore snot rockets.  There were more snot rockets shot in the finish chute than I have ever seen out on the race course.  Men are gross.  That is all.

Speaking of men, my manny is gone!  Craig is on his way to Hawaii and now I have to take AND pick up Caroline from school every day.  Usually I take her in the morning on my way to the gym and he picks her up.  Now, I have to do both!

You never know how good you have it until its gone.

So long easy living!



5 responses

  1. I got quite the giggle out of this post! As you may remember, I switched to an every-other-day hair washer last winter. And now that I’m not working, lets be honest, I sometimes go longer than every other day. I have enjoyed saving the time it takes to style my hair every single day. It makes the laziness inside me very happy.

    I have never volunteered at a race before, but hearing about your experience almost makes me want to do it. That is, if I could find any darn races around here. And also if there were no snot rockets. Gross.*

    • I was thinking about you as I typed this. I know several people who don’t wash their hair every day, so I’m definitely not in the norm. Except for my mom…..she’s like me…..it’s all her fault. Of course, the people I know who don’t wash every day have long straight hair and no bangs. It’s all about the hair do.

      Volunteering was FUN. But it was really hard to watch other people get ready for a race and then watch them cross the finish line. I wanted to be running with them and to cross the finish line all sweaty and tired and happy. No snot rockets, though. That’s gross. 🙂

  2. As you know, I never wash my hair! I do have long straight bangless hair which is very easy to maintain while dirty. I hope you take on this new lifestyle, it’s lovely 🙂

    I’m sorry your honey is gone 😦


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