Oh, Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is doing her thing right now.  It’s wet and windy, but for the time being, our power is ON.

Yee. Haw.

I’d show a picture of said wind and rain, but I seem to have packed the camera cord, so any pictures I take will stay on my camera until we are once again reunited with our household goods.  In our new house.  Which we currently do not have.

Expect picture-less posts for quite some time.

School is closed; the gym is closed; we’re homebound and thankfully fully electrified.  I spent the entire morning drinking coffee and standing at our kitchen island (no chairs!), furiously searching for a place to live and sending Craig email after email.  He’s probably tired of me.  We thought we had things narrowed down, but I fear we may need to branch out to other areas of the island if our current area of focus comes up dry.

I’m so thankful that our power remains on, however, the winds are predicted to pick up, which means the power may indeed go out.  I’m minimally prepared; we have one flashlight with two extra batteries, four scented candles, three jars of peanut butter and a few different varieties of bread products.  I like peanut butter a whole lot, but I’m not sure I’d like to eat peanut butter in the dark for days and days and days.

Power, please stay on.

The wind is howling and I’m getting nervous.  Perhaps it’s time to eat the ice cream.  You know, because it would be a terrible tragedy if the power goes out and it melts and goes to waste.

Ice cream for dinner, it is!



2 responses

    • We thought we made it over the hump…and then the power went out at 11 last night. Thankfully it came back on around 1. Only half our subdivision was in the dark and thankfully my friend lives over in the part with power so they invited us over to stay warm. School and gym tomorrow!


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