Hey, Who Stole My Halloween Candy?

I think it’s a sign that you received TOO MUCH Halloween candy when you don’t even notice the 8 or so missing Reese’s peanut butter cups from your stash.

Don’t worry kid, mom has plans for those missing peanut  butter cups.

Plans which involve melted chocolate

and peanut butter.

Add in some confiscated chopped peanut butter cups

and you’ve got yourself some brownies.  Double peanut butter cheesecake swirled brownies, to be exact.

Is one measly little pan of brownies enough for Craig’s co-workers?  Probably No.   Absolutely not.

It wouldn’t be baking month if I didn’t single handedly supply Craig’s co workers with a constant supply of sugar and fat. 

Next up:  something sweet, salty and so, SO tasty.

Butterscotch chips

+  Karo syrup

+ cashews

= butterscotch cashew bars.

Brown sugar crust

liquid butterscotch gold


and sprinkle.


That was me hitting in the floor in sugar shock euphoria.


4 responses

  1. My kitchen has hardly any natural light and so I tend to move my plates into the den to photograph sometimes. It's also why I don't photograph food much because I can really only do it on weekends, when I am home during the good light. Sad.


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