School’s Out For Summer

Today was the last day of school.  Next year I’ll have a fifth grader.

Where has the time gone?


School is out, which makes me sad.  Even worse, two friends are leaving within the next two weeks, which makes me sadder than you can even imagine.  It’s going to be a long, gossip-less summer without them; a summer I’m not sure I’m mentally prepared for.  Actually, I shouldn’t say that, because our summer calendar is really quite full and I expect the days  will fly by.  Caroline is participating in two camps, one in July and another in August,and we’re taking a trip to California for my grandparent’s 60th anniversary, followed by a quick trip to Arizona, where Craig will be attending a six week  school, to show Caroline her birthplace. A weekend trip to the Phoenix area is also in the works.  I was researching hotels last night and discovered that hotels are cheap in Phoenix….even the NICE, like REALLY nice, ones.  Craig said it’s probably because not many people vacation in Phoenix in July, with the 100+ degree temperatures and such.  I”m inclined to believe him.

But before any of that happens, Craig and Caroline are taking a trip to Florida next week and I get my very own staycation right here in my favorite place:  my house.  To many, it may seem lame to skip out on a family trip, but I assure you, it’s not lame at all.  It’s awesome.   Way more awesome than you could possibly imagine.

Yes, I’m a hermit.

Besides, they don’t want me to come along.  Because despite what I just typed up above, I really am lame and not much fun.

In sum:  trips and camp and more trips; this summer will (hopefully) fly by.

But not TOO fast because on August 25th I’m embarking on quite a crazy, scary and out of character adventure.

Against my better judgment, I’m participating in a Spartan mud race.  There will be mud, which I’m okay with.  But there might also be fire.  And barbed wire.  And climbing over tall things.  I’m afraid I’m going to look like a pansy.  I need toughen up asap, because I really don’t want to look like a pansy.

It’s my sister’s fault for getting me involved.

I hate her.

I’ll discuss the mud run later, when I have time to process the fact that I”m actually doing this thing.

I really hate my sister.

4 responses

  1. Every addiction, obsession and bad habit I have I can directly trace to YOUR sister.
    Well, maybe not every one, but a lot! One thing I can leave off the list, however, is jumping over fire. That, not even Laura’s Super Evil Influence can make me do.
    I hope.

    My condolences on the school’s out thing.

  2. I am in shock and awe that you are going to do a mud race! Wow! I ran Warrior Dash back in ’09.There was jumping over fire. There was screaming. But I survived, so that’s good. I’m bet you’ll have a good time. My tip: take towels or clothes to change into afterwards so you don’t get mud all over your car.*

    • I’m glad to know you survived a mud run (especially the jumping over fire part!). I’m a bit intimidated by this Spartan race. It’s 8 miles + a bunch of obstacles. I think the worst part is that you don’t know what obstacles you’ll have to tackle in advance. On second thought….maybe it’s better NOT knowing.

      There will be screaming. That’s for sure.

      My sister said she’s going to teach me to be hard core and curse like a sailor. She’s probably right.


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